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How to optimize the popular keywords in Shanghai Dragon



Relevance of high content


Internet network

high quality of the chain mainly in home based one-way link chain form, cross connection, buy links, to create their own resources to do the station, one-way links, so the chain is the best, followed by Links, content pages link, the blog is the chain of keywords ranking to take an important role in

The layout of There are some topics such as



Related content and content of high quality

with high quality is not contradictory. The former refers to the quality of content, the latter refers to the scope of the industry. read more

nsert the map information in web pages

/ / placed in the location and setting of map display size

, the 1 part of the code is placed in HTML file label:


code is divided into 3 parts,


3, the rest of the code is to generate a map of the JS code, suggestions on the HTML label in the end of the file:

2, the following code on the label:

address: 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/lbsapi/creatmap/index.html, open access to create the map screen. Locate their position in the left position center point.

currently many websites need to address display, we can use the insert love map of Shanghai open platform to realize the map. read more

How to use the third party platform post bring high conversion rate of flow

first I want to tell the story about the third party platform, post is the main purpose is the high weight to borrow these third party platform, so as to get the love of Shanghai quality rankings, the keywords are mainly do long term products, and then through the user to search the long tail word, find your posts, find your site. Or have your reservation or buy information products. The main platform for high weight Forum: such as Tianya forum, broadband mountain communities, building 19 forum, classified information website weight: 58 city net, net list, Jinti, ganji贵族宝贝 etc.. Of course, the platform has a certain flow, but mainly through the search engine. read more

How to choose the easy word long tail effect

, we retrieved in a short term, will present at the bottom of all the ten coherent search, while the ten coherent retrieval, is our best source of core words long tail. If we want to do a forum that we go to Australia, Google Australia Forum, in the coherent retrieval, presents the following ten coherent retrieval, so, we can obtain ten coherent long core words, and we again click one click on the first word, like Australia Forum after all, we can see that it is a long tail of ten core words, always so down, everyone will find that the long tail word is really not " " dig;. In the search engine search long tail key word, another benefit is that these words are visited, with a search word, that is to say these words once up, will immediately bring traffic, IP, deal with individual website promotion, otherwise than what website promotion the more exciting thing? read more

How to become a Practice makes perfect Shanghai Longfeng practitioners

Key points:

points above is to become a qualified Shanghai Longfeng personnel must have knowledge, if these are not yet available, I recommend you to come back and take learning tasks, so that we can not waste the time of the clients and your own time, I found a lot of new Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization researchers still do not know what is to take the task now, finally task is not finished, it would not harm to others.

1, should have independent title, keywords, description of optimization of knowledge, to be able to exist independently modified client sites unreasonable title and keywords and description, read more

How to build high quality website internal links

a lot of friends in the optimization of time to the site, the chain construction site as Shanghai dragon all the quantity and quality of no ground for blame, because the site outside the chain indeed largely determines the website weight and keywords ranking. Just outside the chain of construction is good, if the quality of the site within the chain is not good, so your site construction work need to do is doomed to be much more than others.

, a website internal link definition

website internal links read more

Wang Tong how do individuals make money on the nternet36 krypton deep stake raised public project s


‘s expected return on investment has become a real huge loss, becoming the core of investor anger directed to 36kr.

How does

macro energy events more representative, is that it is a 36kr platform to raise public equity together early in the project from the beginning, the first attempt to expand the participation of the new board set by the project, so at the end of last year to start the campaign with vigour and vitality of the 36kr, the first new board set by the project "are nothing praise you, in the eyes of investors, 36kr is no longer the simple information providers, but the depth of investment and financing services intermediary, the need to bear the responsibility of false propaganda, is in place in the project investor funds, after the establishment of the fund, but from the initial announcement" set by the "strange" into the transfer of the old shares, let leave the old shares at high prices to conceal the reason why never explicitly inform the project risk? read more

On different sites of Shanghai dragon is different

e-commerce store, since the store is a customer in order to form sales, how to e-commerce website attracted a lot of customers to visit? To do promotion, so how to achieve accurate customer? Need to do on the Dragon Phoenix currently Shanghai dragon is one of the. All e-commerce sites most love technique, low production cost.

It is a The original

second: enterprise site

Hu Peibin all please respect defended by Hu Peibin opened the moving company website: 贵族宝贝9dkfbj贵族宝贝 and I wanted to communicate with friends please add my QQ:1640877793 read more

How to make love in Shanghai included in the new practical summary

want to get new fast included, innovation and quality in terms of content, a lot of new content can not be effectively filled, get peer to do the article, so the content of how to make love in Shanghai included? At the same time, but also to have the marketing skills for the new drainage, the hand is still very strange, here not too much, interested contact me.

reasons and Countermeasures of website not included

Links is the key to promote the love of Shanghai audit, if not these things support, can only be estimated. read more

The love of Shanghai K station so hard how to get rid of this man


I think so, now do network marketing need to seize the network context, China Internet has four context, first, the search engine also is we the webmaster know best, concentrate on the most place. Second, IM, instant messaging, represented by Tencent QQ. Third, Ali, to the electronic commerce led by Taobao, Tmall, a scouring. Fourth, social trends in social media, in fact, the most representative is micro-blog. If we have the ability to put the four flow into our series of website promotion on our website like, forming a flow structure that, for example, from Ali to 25% of the traffic, from the Tencent to 25% of the traffic, from social media to 25% of the traffic from the search engine to 25% traffic. The flow structure is undoubtedly the most safe, the risk coefficient is the lowest. Often see some companies rely on search engines to eat, even heard of a company since the site was K, employees have nothing to do in the company to fight landlord, we do not think that sleep is not secure read more

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