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Analysis of 5 cases of traditional fresh electricity supplier experience

the development of an industry, need time accumulation. Taobao’s Juhuasuan has a huge traffic advantage in the electricity supplier channels, agricultural products and fresh products has become the fastest growing category in 2012, Juhuasuan launched the local fresh channel in 2012, 2013 is gradually forming, has become an important category of life in Juhuasuan exchange. At present, Juhuasuan fresh fruit, seafood, meat based, the model is basically pre-sale, order agriculture.

in March this year, thousands of dead pigs floating the Huangpu, Juhuasuan immediately launched the Zhejiang mountains of Suichang backyard ecological pig sale in April, and according to the news, the huge investment promotion resources, this is the first time Juhuasuan large fresh pork group purchase activities. This event jointly operated by local farmers and the local government, the local electricity supplier and Juhuasuan four aspects: farmers with pigs, local governments give credit endorsement and administrative support, the local electricity supplier is responsible for the operation, Juhuasuan is responsible for integrating information resources. 6093 pounds of pork sold on the first day of the event, turnover of $184 thousand and 559. This record on clothing and 3C products can only be said in general, but as fresh products, has been very good.

cherry although the record is impressive, but also in the delivery after the encounter bad luck, a shop shop DSR from 5 down to 4.> read more

Fast food shop good what

in the eyes of many investors, although the name of the work is important, but has not caused enough attention, resulting in the shop business has been greatly affected. So, what is the name of good food? Let’s get to know each other.

1. name affect customer appetite

in fast food restaurants, customers buy, store sales, on the surface, it can be said to be a pure trading behavior. But if it is not so simple. Because the customer is not a robot, its purchase behavior is not mechanical movement. Customers in the purchase of food, the need for a certain analysis, identification, choose what to eat, what should not eat. And customers in the food and Beverage activities, the performance of self tasting, but in fact, in the purchase needs". This kind of need, both material needs, but also spiritual, psychological needs. read more

Good use of the mobile phone browser ten brands list the whole

smartphone is actually like a small computer, nature also need to install a variety of browsers. And this is really a big hole in the mobile browser. Literally have to search a few hundred, then what browser is easy to use? Which is the best mobile browser? Today, I recommend to you a good use of mobile phone browser ten brands list.

good use of the mobile phone browser ten brands list: NO.1 Wyatt browser

first recommended a low-end machine must browse artifact – Wyatt browser, enough small portable enough. Only a few hundred K! Do you have the feeling of returning to the Symbian era mobile software? The disadvantage is that individual web pages will occasionally appear garbled 1 read more

Beijing for parking regulation

in the major cities of Beijing, people see a variety of parking chaos phenomenon, to bring great inconvenience to people. For the phenomenon of chaos, we need to develop management regulations. This will be the first in Beijing to rise to the local regulations of the parking management approach. In the draft manuscript, which defines the illegal parking of vehicles and penalties double punishment system.

at the beginning of last year, the Beijing traffic control department in some of the key streets of the addition of a stop sign. As a result, in accordance with the regulations, there is a clear stop stop in the area of the parking lot will be fined 200 yuan, while keeping a record of 3 points, some drivers can be able to stop the money behavior, will be curbed. According to the Traffic Management Bureau insiders said, in the city main roads, hospitals, shopping malls, roadside stations surrounding no parking area, basically have no parking sign. read more

Five elements of food and snacks investors can not know

Guide: in the entire investment market, the fire is always the food and beverage industry, catering industry has a huge consumer demand, is a good direction for investors to get rich. For many people lack of capital, investment in food and snacks is the best choice. However, in order to do a good job catering snack business, there are five elements can not be unknown.


for the catering investment only innovative restaurants can have a market, if blindly imitate others in ten, then the final results were bound to fail, any restaurants must show their own characteristics, to create value, but also to the growing customer. read more

Learn these four strokes easily identify the trap

is called: what a big bird in the woods. With the opening of the investment market, all kinds of join the scam began to appear, liar’s deception technology and means is not static, the implementation of tricks also change the pattern, because their tricks will advance with the times. How to avoid these traps, minimize the risks and losses?

1, learn to recognize face   do not recognize brand

read more

How to do unreasonable restaurant food quality

follow the development of China’s food and beverage industry, many people are very interested in food and beverage franchise project, choose Chinese restaurant chain is a lot of people’s dream, let us know more about the content. Look forward to your attention.

The recipe

read more

What needs to be done to pull noodle

What does

need to open a ramen restaurant? Do you need a ramen chef, a small kitchen, and a few tables? Want to open the Ramen Museum and different home, it is necessary to prepare their own early, then open a good Ramen Museum need to prepare what?

kitchen equipment: cooking stove, noodle soup, fried small kitchen stove, four door refrigerator, cupboard, dressing table, cut with Taiwan, sink, baidunzi knives, pot and cooking utensils, pots and other stainless steel seasoning cylinder.

front office equipment: front desk and chair, chopsticks, soy sauce pot, oil pepper cans, tissue boxes, bowls, etc.. read more

Jilin coal mine accident 12 people were killed in the death of 12 families

coal mine is dirty and tired, and the coal miners are worthy of respect. Yesterday, Jilin coal mine accident caused 12 people were killed, but also the tragedy of the twelve families, and now, the cause of the accident is under investigation.

3 6, Jilin Province, Baishan City pine coal mine coal and gas outburst accident occurred, 692 security Masui, 13 people were trapped underground, the accident caused 12 people were killed.

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How about a Pet Detective shop

pet has attracted more and more attention to the family in the current market, it has become a very important member in many families, because of this, there will be a lot of entrepreneurs who want to open a pet shop. However, this article is not a small pet shop, but a Pet Detective shop. So, how about a Pet Detective shop?

, who works as a nurse at a pet hospital in France, is very close to pets. Daily training golden retriever "gained" "hunting food" and "somersault", "" Baoquan "became her spare time best pastime. read more

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