in October 1st, after the implementation of the new "tourism law", the province tour price subdued, outbound travel out of the province, but prices rose sharply. More than a month later, although the outbound travel offer is still flat before and after the eleven holiday, but the province tour prices have been lower, the province received the offer is also more than the same period during the holiday season and the decline of around eleven.

at present, travel out of the province, Hainan, Yunnan, Xiamen, Chongqing, the four lines of the heat, due to the off-season fare, the fare, price factors, these few lines offer lower than most of the season, taking Kunming as an example, summer travel offer for 4000 yuan, more high-end "four fly lines offer has dropped to 3000 yuan. Hainan travel prices also fell from eleven yuan during the holiday period of more than 4000 yuan to about $3500. The industry believes that the biggest reason for the price drop is room, ticket prices dropped considerably, but due to the implementation of the new "tourism law" after the tourist shopping service leads to strictly control costs, so this winter travel out of the province during the summer of eleven and although the price than the holiday is low, but compared with the same period last year, the actual increase in.

at present, the scenic spots in Qinghai Province, room rates, fares have declined, so the province tour prices fell by about 30% over the summer. At the same time, the province tour price compared with the same period, did not rise significantly, the travel agency responsible for that, this is because the proportion is not accounted for in the shopping tour of the province, the province service costs are rising because of foreign travel past practice is a part of the tourists as a tourist shopping Commission wages, and the new "tourism law" after the introduction, the travel agency will need to adjust the labor costs, but this is not a problem in Qinghai.