summer, the scorching heat, we often do not have a good appetite. I have porridge, do summer diet, fragrance lingering and easy entrance, an easy job to do to evoke appetite. Different porridge has a different flavor, it can be said that the summer is a good time to drink porridge.

"now people eat a lot of fish meat, drink porridge for them is a kind of enjoyment." A porridge porridge seven days, said Liu boss. For some white-collar workers, porridge faster than fast food, but also to adapt to the requirements of the fast-paced life. At the same time, porridge is not only the food of young people, many elderly people are also frequent customers in the porridge shop.

"open cereal. It basically does not exist in the short season." Bai home porridge shop owner Mr Cheung said, his shop is open 24 hours a day, although it will increase the cost a lot, but the gruel store brand image is a big publicity. Considering that many people will eat porridge, Zhang boss in the shop to provide cold dishes, snacks and other foods, and to provide delivery service. Hefei takeaway market potential is huge, is expected to increase at least 20% turnover."

thirty thousand yuan will be able to open a porridge, thirty thousand yuan will be able to be my own boss. Porridge product has the advantages of simple manufacture, production speed, occupy less space, "health snacks" weapon plus a few square meters of the "mouth" porridge you can instantly become a money making machine!