held in July 17th in Qinghai Province trade union representatives meeting, elected the province to attend the sixteen representatives of China’s trade unions, the top 20. Provincial Standing Committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Su Ning presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

China Federation of trade unions will be held in Beijing in the second half of sixteen, which is an important meeting held in the new historical starting point of China’s trade unions, but also a major event in the political life of hundreds of millions of workers. Su Ning I hope to attend the conference Fellow Deputies know highly, the courage to play, to perform their duties, to open the meeting, conscientiously fulfill the glorious duty of trade unions China sixteen representatives, demonstrating our province million workers era style and new style, not to live up to the trust, not to live up to the provincial Party Committee on behalf of all employees and the general trust.

the meeting pointed out that the Fellow Deputies should seriously study, enhance the ability of participating in the procedure, in-depth primary research, to understand the people, listen to voice, reflect the demands of grass-roots workers, to enhance the hope of understanding and grasp; Study on behalf of manual, clear the rights and obligations, strengthen to accurately grasp the performance requirements; to actively suggestions, conscientiously perform their duties on behalf of the general assembly, seriously involved in file discussion, revision and consideration; to comply with the discipline required to represent a good image, and actively participate in related activities, active propaganda work of natural scenery, natural resources, ecological environment, national culture, economic development and the great beauty of Qinghai, the province shows the majority of the members of staff the spirit of a good image of exemplary behavior. (author: Ye Wenjuan)