6 month 29 days, reporters from the Provincial Public Security Bureau held on violent terrorist activities to report the implementation of reward informed news briefing, according to the "Qinghai province masses involved in terrorism related violence clues incentives (Amendment)", our province will of the masses and are using the public security organs involved in terrorism related violence clues, grade according to the evaluation of its role and effect, masses involved in terrorism related violence clues highest award 500 thousand yuan (especially for important clues from the reward amount limit), the incentives to implement since June 20th.

according to the introduction, in order to further promote the effective integration of the public security organs of special work and the mass line work, and enhance public awareness against terrorism, to mobilize the masses to actively report found involved in terrorism related violence clues, our province again recently revised the "Qinghai province masses involved in terrorism related violence clues incentives", the provisions of these measures and the fear of violence involving clues including organization, planning, implementation or incitement to commit violent terrorist activities clue, and related suspicious people, things, and other clues, clues to the receiving, evaluation, rewards and other work by the city (state), county (District Committee, public security organs) the implementation of a unified organization, the masses found the knowledge or clues involving terrorism related violence, through to call "110" alarm call report to the Qinghai provincial public security; 12110 SMS alarm platform to send SMS report; through the city (state), county (District And the Executive Committee) report released by the public security organs telephone, SMS and other ways; report to the public security organs through letters; to the public security organs or personally report to the police on duty and other ways to report, at the same time, the way clear, involved in terrorism related violence clues disposal are classified matters, do not accept the public inquiry on reward situation.

in addition, the approach also pointed out that the name of the report by the implementation of false accusation against others, fabricate, spread false terrorist information, false alarm and other acts, the public security organs will be held liable according to law. Public security organs must ensure the safety of informants. Without the consent of the informants, in the verification, publicity, reward and other information shall not disclose the informants, the disclosure of whistleblower information, will be held in accordance with the relevant legal responsibilities of the relevant personnel.