in the East District to promote the deepening of strengthening the base construction work, pay attention to the "three basic" construction and serving the masses, improvement of working together, and constantly improve the level of service of the masses, so that the government pay pension and other pro Huimin initiatives have been implemented.
the implementation of the "East District government purchase pension service work plan", to start the implementation of home-based care services as the focus of the work of the government purchase pension services, through the "single source procurement" and Qinghai Haidu public home-based care services company signed the contract of government purchase pension services, pension services for domestic life care, health care, comfort and other aspects of the poverty-stricken population over the age of 60 in need of assistance, and effectively solve the pension problems of poor elderly population. The area by listening to reports, access to information, ledger, random household survey and other methods of town, community residents work for the performance assessment of non-compliance, the evaluation found that the rate of households separation of guaranteeing the work of the notification, relevant units ordered problems timely rectification, ensure "should guarantee as much as possible", effectively safeguarding the people’s basic living rights difficult. During the two, the area of Linjiaya demolition of poor households, 150 households living in low-income families, families of the disabled family condolences, send greetings, as of now, has accumulated to 700 households issuing condolence payments 340 thousand yuan and rice, flour, oil and other gifts.