in the "51" International Labor Day eve, the China Federation of trade unions in recognition of the 2011 won the national labor award, medal and the national workers vanguard advanced collectives, advanced individuals. Xining City West District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau environmental sanitation service company won the national workers vanguard honorary title.

West District sanitation service company a total of 450 sanitation workers, responsible for the region’s 13 main streets and a total of 81 square meters of a total of about 2390000 square meters of cleaning and cleaning tasks. Over the years, the sanitation workers to carry forward the "one person rather dirty, for people clean" spirit of the work, the cold war, fighting the heat, always fighting in the line of work, has made outstanding contributions to practical action to create a clean, beautiful and comfortable environment of the city, for 3 consecutive years by the provincial and City Union as workers the pioneer of honor, won the municipal civilized unit title.

the West District sanitation company received the "national workers vanguard", is to praise the city sanitation workers labor value, to further boost the city’s sanitation workers work enthusiasm, stimulate the occupation sense of honor, to improve the social status of sanitation workers will play a positive role.