October 20th, the thirteen session of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection held the first meeting of the Standing Committee, the meeting discussed and adopted a new session of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee division opinions, discussed the research topic to strengthen party construction work of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau to carry out the thirteen Party Congress spirit. Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Ma Haiying presided over the meeting. City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee attended the meeting, the organs of the office room, sent discipline work committee, the main person in charge of the supervision branch attended the meeting.
two to work around the center, set an example to do service development. Closely around the municipal government center, grasp scientific and accurate grasp of the theme of development accelerate the transformation of economic development of the main line, accurate grasp of the economic and social development objectives and major tasks, accurately grasp the main problems affecting the development of the reform of our city, to seek the views of multi supervisor, and understand the foreign good experiences and good practice. With the entrance point, identify the discipline inspection and supervision work and economic work, and actively involved in the city’s focus on all aspects of the work, work in the integration, play the function in the integration, to achieve economic and social construction and anti-corruption work in harmonious development, promote the construction of anti-corruption to the depth development of comprehensive.
three to carry forward the fine style of leadership research. To the thirteen Party Congress put forward the next five years anti-corruption work objectives, work ideas and tasks to implement, strengthen the investigation and research, found problems, put forward countermeasures, planning work. To focus on the highlights of the nine highlights of the work, take the lead in grassroots research. Through research, to understand the actual situation, be aware of; seize the main contradiction, identify the crux of the problem, come up with a solution; focus of the work, solve the difficulties and problems in the work with the wisdom of the masses. The research work to be effective, formalism, do not engage them with the specious writing. To strengthen the guidance of classification, improve the efficiency of research, so that the results of the research can be translated into a working system or very specific measures.
four be strict with oneself, do good diligent and honest. The committee should take the lead in self-discipline, blacksmith must first own hard, improve their own quality in all aspects, at any time and under any circumstances, to live firmly mind, withstand the temptation, stand up, establish a good social image of the discipline inspection and supervision of cadres with practical action. To make a difference, consciously put the position,;