in order to do a good job in 2010 the "new network project", the provincial financial support of special funds for the project and the supply and marketing cooperatives for farmers to do things for the project inspection and acceptance work, in late September, supply and marketing cooperatives issued a special "on conscientiously 2010 acceptance of the project preparatory work notice" arrangements. In late October, according to the provincial supply and marketing cooperatives project acceptance of the work arrangement, the city supply and marketing cooperatives set up with the city association director as the head of the project acceptance leading group. And held attended by three county and project units specialized work arrangements, the project inspection and acceptance of work, agency requirements made specific arrangements, from the beginning of the end of November, the city and County Association in accordance with the provisions of Huangyuan province society, county agricultural and agricultural service distribution network construction project in Datong County, Xin agricultural fresh frozen vegetables distribution the center and the construction of network transformation project, Huangzhong County agricultural and sideline products market and revitalize the network upgrading project and Xining city renewable resources network construction and so on 4 2010 the supply and marketing cooperatives "new network project" construction project; Chengbei district consumer goods distribution center construction project, agricultural products market construction project, Qinghai Huangzhong weisidun refined starch Co. Ltd. agricultural distribution center construction project, Xining County of Huangzhong city commodity distribution center construction project; Datong County, Datong County, Dongzhuang village comprehensive service agency Shishan Xiang Hua Jian Cun, Huangzhong County comprehensive service Jair Tibetan village comprehensive service cooperatives, Huangyuan County village B fine comprehensive service; Datong County Animal Husbandry cooperatives, professional friendship breeding industry in Huangyuan county and obedient farming cooperatives 6 2010 provincial financial support supply and marketing cooperatives special fund project, conducted a special inspection and acceptance. At the same time, the city also invited the municipal government and the Municipal Finance Bureau of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department of the leadership of the city on 2010 six, for farmers to do practical projects were checked and accepted.

recently, checks the provincial supply and marketing cooperatives deputy director Wang led the provincial supply and marketing cooperatives and the relevant offices responsible person to Huangyuan, Datong and Huangzhong County on 2010 has been the implementation of the project. Provincial and municipal supply and marketing cooperatives project acceptance leading group according to the county supply and marketing cooperatives project acceptance of the acceptance of the project to take the field visits, listen to reports, access to information such as project management, use of funds from two aspects and conducted a comprehensive and detailed examination. The results show that: the project implementation unit can be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the project, careful preparation of the implementation plan, assigned responsibility, earnestly organize the implementation, reasonable use of funds, and the audit report issued by the agency qualification management norms, to project acceptance standard.

in the inspection and acceptance, but also found that some of the project implementation unit data documents are not complete, supporting funds are not in place and other issues, the inspection team made specific rectification opinions, and require a deadline for correction.

Wang, deputy director of the project as sample preparation of supply and marketing cooperatives pointed out that the implementation of system of Xining city solid project, project implementation specification, all kinds of more complete information, the project promoted; he should require the project unit in the "three rural" the breadth and depth of efforts, play the leading role of the project, the completion of the project a side benefit of farmers Huimin project.