is effective against car theft crime, Xining Police Police Association, more than 20 checkpoints in the provincial capital of the export, police on duty braved the cold wind, braving the cold weather set up checkpoints to intercept the stolen vehicle, against car theft crime.  

1 hours to check more than a hundred cars

at 17 on January 9th, Xining east exit toll station, Roca Bay police station several police are checking the passing vehicles. More than and 30 year old police Shi Lei waving his arm, directing the vehicle to the east side of the vehicle, check the driver’s license, driving license is complete, license plate number, vehicle identification code is consistent.

from 9 in the morning until now, we do not have time to leave the police busy time, up to the toilet in the gap can be slightly relaxed." Shi Lei said.

as a result of this checkpoint is located in 109 National Road, passing vehicles, especially in the afternoon, through the vehicle more. Many do not have a license to keep the new car to the checkpoint, but also increased the workload of the checkpoint.

at 17 to 18 hours in an hour, Shi Lei and Xiao Zhao, Zhang Zhang more than three vehicles checked more than one hundred. The police Zhang said that their day to check the vehicle on an estimated 1000.

one day found more than 30 suspicious car

19 am, the night has come, the cold wind rushed forward, can not help but make people shiver. Roadside, City Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade Deputy captain Xu Xin and other police on duty to check the passing vehicles. The duty of this checkpoint by the City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police, police, police station, etc..


dressed in clothes, wearing a cap, but the wind had to constantly check the documents of the police hands gradually numb. Sometimes the police took the side pass certificate after butingshihuan hands trembling, documents fell to the ground, he rubbed his hands, the police also picked up the documents, to check the relevant information.

19:30 or so, Xu Xin’s dinner has not been resolved. "Traffic peak, more vehicles, this time we are more busy, dinner is usually eaten after this point, because the checkpoint can not be no one, so we have to take turns to eat."

displayed in the duty room on the table of the vehicle registration card winter crackdown Nanchuan road checkpoint statistics, January 9th registration of suspicious vehicles has 36 cars. Many of the suspicious vehicles are incomplete documents and the information is not found in the car. In order to facilitate the work carried out later, police on duty will be suspicious vehicles and owners of information made a detailed record.

suspects abandoned the vehicle and fled

Shi Lei said last Friday 1;