in order to further consolidate the health outcomes and promote the process of creating a civilized city, the establishment of long-term mechanism for the dynamic management of environmental sanitation management in the city, the city management committee this year will be "appraisal standards" as an important starting point to improve the management level of the city, through in-depth research and careful preparation, this work has been carried out in the second half of the year. According to the sanitation standard appraisal program arrangement, the city management committee from November 9th two to four evaluation group to carry out the assessment area, Dongchuan Industrial Park, the declaration of the "appraisal standards" unit, which marks the city’s "appraisal standards" activities in the first year of the pilot work to see the final stage results the.

as an important measure to consolidate and enhance our city health outcomes, in order to make the activities start smoothly, enhance the "appraisal standards" activities of transparency, credibility, attention, ensure that the assessment objective, fair and accurate, the evaluation group evaluation personnel led by the Municipal People’s Congress, invited members of the CPPCC, city sanitation, love the news media and other personnel involved in the whole process of assessment. Evaluation team members also on the assessment criteria, discipline requirements, such as special training.

assessment object of this involved a total of 15 streets, 8 markets, 9 villages, 18 buildings, the district are recommended, the city management committee, the trial management relatively well, represents the best level of the district. Then, the assessment team will mainly take listening to the reports, access to information, on-site inspections and examinations, the satisfaction of the masses of field survey forms, and make comprehensive evaluation of daily inspection, the formation of evaluation opinions. In late November, the leading group for the assessment of the assessment of the city to meet the conditions of the declaration to the entire community publicity, publicity will be officially named after the mid December.



(1) city appearance and environmental sanitation standards Street (15)

East District (3): xiadou Kang Street, East West Road, main street;

City District (4): Nanjing Road, East Street, West Street, South Gate Street;

West District (3): the Yellow River Road, West 54 Road, Xinning road;

north of the city (3): Haixi West Road, Qaidam Road, Lei Jia lane;

Dongchuan Industrial Park (1): Kaiyuan Road;

Biological Park (1): via the three road.

(two) city appearance and environmental sanitation standard market (8)

Chengdong district (1): Textile Lane market;

City District (3): Mo street market, wells Lane market, Rongsheng market;

The west area of

(2): Zhuji market, meteorological Lane market;

north of the city (2): small bridges to build coal market, Chaoyang City business.

(three) city appearance and environmental sanitation standards hospital ()

East District (3): Mid garden, International Village District, Province cadres first Jiashuyuan;