to further strengthen ties with the deputies to perform their duties, understand and grasp the National People’s Congress, according to Lin Zhen "people’s Congress activities month" activities, August 28th, Doreen Town People’s Congress organization to carry out to visit the people, the solution of public opinion "visits, condolences to the people’s Congress activities.

in order to make access to work to achieve tangible results, by the town Party Secretary Zhang Shengfu, chairman of the town people’s Congress Chairman, such as the formation of a visit to the group of Huang Yuzhen. Team visited entourage visited wide village Wang Tongxi, Ha Lin, Wu Zhou Cun Miho Shi Zhuang Cun Wu Yuanfu 3 Town People’s Congress, visited and sent to the flour and other gifts, during the visit, the town leaders cordial conversation with the delegates to a detailed understanding of the difficulties and problems and the performance of their duties on behalf of on behalf of the contact group activities and the existence of people’s deputies in the production of life. Town Party Secretary Zhang Shengfu and the town people’s congress chairman Comrade Huang Yuzhen put forward in sympathy, hope earnestly perform their duties, as a deputy to the National People’s Congress to listen to the representatives and the voice of the masses, collect and understand the hot issues of concern to the masses, do good opinions and suggestions of the collection work, actively put forward to the town’s opinions and suggestions, and make new contributions to promote the sound and rapid economic and social development.