November 30th, the reporter learned from the North District Urban Management Bureau, the north of the city of 18 rural garbage transfer station was upgraded, completed in December 1st to complete the delivery.

it is understood that the north area of 18 existing garbage transfer station, has been unable to reach the initial target of construction, garbage collection is not standardized, most of the garbage transfer station inner chamber and outer chamber also suffered varying degrees of damage. This year, the North District Urban Management Bureau for a special fund of 320 thousand yuan, the rural garbage transfer station for the full restoration of the 18. Up to now, the end of all the repair work, after the upgrade of the 18 rural waste transfer station in December 1st delivery.

in addition, the transit station and North District Urban Management Bureau to appear before the garbage, striving for support from the district government, the introduction of the rural waste transfer station management system, management personnel from the responsibilities to the transfer station management system specification made clear from the beginning of January 2013, the management and operation of all the garbage transfer station by the District Urban Management Bureau is responsible for, so that the north area of rural garbage collection basically solved the problems. (author: Tang Rong Li Jianping)