In June 27th, the Xining municipal health and family planning system held a "three three three outstanding beauty health" health Guardian story reports, 82 medical workers from three counties and four districts in the city of Xining won the "gatekeeper health, health protection, health guide", "beautiful beautiful, beautiful rural doctors, doctors and nurses" "outstanding Dean, outstanding subject leaders and excellent backbone" honorary title.

"to patients with sincere meaning interpretation of benevolence, have a pair of hands, with Ren Shi Renzhu to millions of patients, relieve pain, bring light……" From Xining First People’s Hospital, was named outstanding academic leaders, Zhao Xiaoxia said in his speech. In the "three three health beautiful three excellent health guard deeds report at the meeting, the delegates with simple language, about what happened in the ordinary post a moving, inspiring, encouraging and inspiring story. It is of great significance to carry out the party’s mass line, encourage the majority of Party members and cadres to participate in the scientific development of the cause of health and family planning, and realize the "health dream" in Xining.