Qinghai news today (May 25th) morning, four Taiwan donated by the Provincial Department of communications with the province’s loader transport workers to the disaster area people’s affection to leave Xining, heading for Sichuan earthquake disaster area, the highway reopened work as a force.

it is understood that the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake disaster, our province transport system of cadres and workers to the disaster area actively people’s warmth, love, until now, the whole hall belonging to different units and individual donations to the disaster areas in Sichuan one million eight hundred and eighty thousand yuan, at the same time, the Sichuan Provincial Communications Department and the traffic department actively, set up capacity, grab pass and maintenance pat three professional rescue commando, ready to do the preparation of material support. At present, the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake relief work has been transferred to the rescue, and reopened pat both operation and reopen the trunk road and through the township, village roads and stage machinery and equipment for small disaster road reopened pat is very lack, therefore, the Provincial Communications Department in the "voluntary participation, according to" principle, actively raise money, 50 loader from Golmud purchased four sets of value of one million and two hundred thousand yuan to support the earthquake victims rebuild homes. (author: Zhou Zhiping)