when they commit crimes against the victims of violence, stabbed with a knife, chopped several people, with boiling water to burn others into serious injuries, they look like the devil in the eyes of the victim…… In July 29th, Victory Road West District Xining city police successfully destroyed a robbery involving the evil Mafia gangs, gang members arrested 11 people. The gang boss was born in 1990, other members are also seventeen year old youth of eight.

in March 19th this year, the gang in the City District of Xining city street comity a junkyard burglary crime, the victim Lee cut into serious injuries, and Lee’s husband Xuemou injured with hot boiling water, take two yuan of cash. Cruel means of crime, the nature of the poor, resulting in adverse effects in the community, the police immediately opened a large network arrest.

16:50 on July 25th, Victory Road police station received a report that a man: he passed the Xining Tongren Road viaduct, beating 4 men forcibly pulled into the unattended, and stole the value of two yuan of a mobile phone. After accepting the case, the police station police by the victim Yuanmou inquiry, a detailed understanding of the two suspects in the physical.

11 o’clock that night, when the patrol team to the west of the main street, an Internet cafe entrance, the victim suddenly excited to point to a few yuan just came out from the cafe called the man: "these are the two of the two! These two are!" Immediately, the police patrol the two arrested. Tushen, that two people were called "bright" nickname "yellow", they not only participate in the implementation of the victim Yuanmou robbery, also confessed they are members of "army" led by the gang of 11, since this year, the city in the East, West and other places with a knife robbery, wounding crime more than 30, and participated in a "protection fee" and "debt collection" and "shehei" activities.

According to the characteristics of the

police crime gangs, under the guise of big boss call out expensive to hire "army" with the "debt collection campaign".

July 28th 23 am, the suspect army with a "little brother" about to get to the front of the people’s Park police station next to the Victory Road police station, and the investigators prepared the van on. Then they were taken to the police station. At this point, after several months of investigation, the robbery Gang 11 members were arrested. After the examination, the gang a total of 30 account of crime of robbery, theft crime from ten.