any business will be so, in a rich range of products, there are some popular products, and these products in the hot selling process will naturally cause out of stock. Then, once selling these products out of stock how to do? Here, small series suggest that the owners who want to be good at using alternatives, will make the store higher revenue oh.

store of goods is that good sales more into it, the only exception of cigarette. Cigarettes are planned special commodities, all brands are not how much you want to go into the number of issues, in addition to tobacco companies, retail households do not have maneuverability. So tight smoke is impossible to avoid things out of stock. Some customers just look for a brand of cigarette smoke, the smoke shop to meet you interrupted, you may only watched the loss of customers. Is there any way to keep these stubborn customers, let him smoke the same price of other brands of cigarettes? I think we can use a few tips to change the original intention of customers, do not seem to be able to do business.

some time ago to store "Yuxi (Shang Shan)" is a serious shortage of old customers love the pumping smoke, no goods meet the truth said the husband did not smoke, often at this time the customer turned away. One day I was in front of the counter, the customer came to ask if there is no smoke, intends to entertain guests. I have not said to him this smoke is not immediately, but handed him a husband smoked "jiaozi (Jin Xiu)," the customer lit took a breath of nod to say good taste.

I took the words: "not only taste good, yellow packaging looks high-end atmosphere on the grade, next door restaurant Wang brother father birthday is to use the smoke." Customers see what I said in the rationale, I have heard that such a celebrity Wang Wang is also a little bit to buy this cigarette heart. However, he still intends to go to the store to see if there is still good".

"is good this time are out of stock, I smoke measurement is relatively large, I have no words to other people should also have, even if there is also estimated from other local, you are not afraid of quality problems? Buy cigarettes, entertain relatives and friends is very no face thing." I still give him reason to say the truth. "Well, because I believe you do not sell cigarettes, so the first time I went to the store to you, you are right, but I used to smoke is good, still feel a bit is Shanhao."

"thank you for your trust, to tell the truth, I shop by you old customer support, not your support I would put up the shutters. So I pay special attention to the quality of goods, whether cigarette drinks or other commodities are genuine goods at a fair price, shop for 9 years, I rarely change the dealer, is afraid of fake encounter." I move after he said the smoke homeopathy to actually still relatively tight, the store is not much, hesitate if I am afraid he will join the quantity is not enough.