hot pot joined the brand in the emergence of a new type of hot pot brand – ice cream hot pot. Ice cream as a hot pot franchise franchisee, operating in the process of ice cream hot pot franchise, to rely on skills to make ice cream hot pot franchise to victory. What do you need to pay attention to the ice cream hot pot restaurant? Look at the small series to introduce you to

join ice cream hot pot chain need to pay attention to what

ensure good organization

administrators to organize their subordinates, and their behavior into a track, in order to achieve organizational goals. This is an important requirement for management, otherwise it is difficult to meet the following requirements.

master source

restaurant as soon as possible to do a good job as soon as possible to sell and guests to ensure freshness and quality.

health insurance

management personnel must strictly implement the "Food Sanitation Law", from food raw material procurement, inspection, storage, processing, distribution to cut with, cooking, install dish and sales should establish a set of strict health system.

correctly master margin

managers to implement the food and beverage price policy, the difference between different situations, such as different dishes, the market price of competition, the development of gross margin standards.

adapt to a variety of needs

restaurant guests from all corners of the country, the consumption level is complex. According to the customer’s identity, status, dietary preferences, consumption characteristics and the ability to pay, the study of different consumer demand and consumer psychology, targeted to provide quality services.

may Hot pot stores need ice cream business franchisees have strong management capabilities, but, as long as the ice cream Hot pot franchise franchisee can accumulate the experience of ice cream stores Hot pot operation, can learn the ice cream Hot pot stores management skills, so stores operating in ice cream Hot pot on the road will be a lot easier.

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