China’s migrant workers in a very awkward situation, on the one hand is trapped in the household registration system and can not be integrated into the city life, on the other hand back home and can not find a way out. This dilemma makes them desperately need a way out of the guide.

city to stay

Qizaotanhei never save money, nothing on money, housing is the biggest problem of migrant workers

into the winter, the weather in Meishan, mostly cloudy.

Zhang Xiufen guarding the vegetable stall, every day looking forward to it. "The weather is good, many people eat supper, my husband the night booth business will be good." From Danleng County of Meishan city in an area at the entrance of her husband in the night market stall selling vegetables.

to Meishan city for many years, Wang Haolun Zhang Xiufen is not just to earn more, better working environment. He is responsible for the management of the supermarket sector in a large commercial complex in downtown Meishan, the monthly wage of 2300 – 2500 yuan. Income depends on performance, good performance bonus will be a little more."