what entrepreneurship is no excuse, just want to do, dare to do, is the beginning of success, even if the body cannot bring is short, following Tian Jie’s story, let us work together to learn about his business was!


despite the failure to combat, but the sense of responsibility to the family still inspires the big boy on a green hand firmly. That the government departments in the development of employment training for people with disabilities, Tian Jie initiative to contact the disabled massage skills learned and soon found a job. 2015, in the country’s basic services for the disabled and the needs of a special survey, Tian Jie’s situation caused by the relevant departments concerned.

Dongpo District Dashiqiao Street federation according to Tian Jie, the "tailored" personalized service "(hereinafter referred to as" the amount of service "), has developed a complete set of scheme for helping Tian Jie: first, encourage him to establish confidence, again; two, to help him fight for the employment of the disabled and disabled entrepreneurial assistance three, in view of his money; I have some farming techniques, based on their willingness to help the development of aquaculture, aquaculture walk the road of poverty.