how to start a business in rural areas? Preferred natural good projects, as people’s quality of life have become increasingly demanding, and advocate green natural, natural products will be popular in the market, we ushered in the world!

Camellia semiserrata Chi

special maize

special maize is maize varieties with high economic value and nutritional characteristics of planting, processing, such as fresh corn, corn, corn and other ornamental medicinal belong to special maize. Now what to grow to make money? Through deep processing, to achieve higher value-added end product characteristic planting special maize, planting benefit is high. It is the name of "value-added corn".

Yaodu wrinkled papaya

Xuancheng tribute wrinkled papaya as scion, the cloud Nanguang papaya as rootstock, grafting modified by new varieties, named "Yaodu wrinkled papaya". The varieties of fruit shape, high yield, good quality, welcome by the manufacturers. 667 square meters of production of 4000 ~ 5000 kg, the output value of more than 20 thousand yuan. What is the most profitable farming in rural areas? Papaya is not only medicine, and health care products are excellent, can be processed into wine, beverage, fructose, fruit, cosmetics, also can be used as a senior restaurant stew supplement has a broad prospect of planting food. The spacing of 2 meters × 2 meters, 667 square meters planted 166 strains. Seedling price of 10 yuan per plant, the plant from the mail; more than 50 strains of 9 yuan, more than 1000 yuan of more than 8 yuan.


What kind of

now better? Fruit tree planting, planting fruit trees as a crop in industry economic efficiency is relatively high, by some areas popular with farmers, but to really get a good effect, or to specific according to the local situation, in general, each kind of fruit varieties are the most suitable growth area, he planted with fruit trees, i.e. you should choose the most suitable for the growth of local fruit varieties, this is the first. Fruit cultivation, combined with local natural conditions to choose the local species, can be said to be half the success. Furthermore, according to their own local market conditions, planting fruit trees, common varieties generally have been planted generally do not develop, the lowest volume, competition is not what advantage.

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