first_imgRoland Davies, a former InProfile Daily news reporter who served more than eight years of his life, time and devotion to what he loved doing, passed away from kidney failure on Friday May, 20, 2016. Roland’s passion for journalism was high, an aspiration (desire) that not only brought him into the field, but sustained him and his one-year old son, the pride of his life and existence. Roland was my best friend. Whenever I was called on a beat, he was the first on my list to call as an “extra hand.” And never once did he refuse to be by my side. He was hungry for information, news and later on became used to the small pocket change he had learned how to accumulate in the field of journalism.Roland suffered for quite a bit since 2014. He was sick off and on. At times, he would call me and complain that his stomach was hurting, and about depression. He fell into a state of worry because of his health and psychologically, this took its toll on the young man.“I’m sick again, oh. I don’t know what is bothering me,” he would often say. Roland had been with his mother in Sinkor almost one month prior to his death. He fell ill three weeks before and asked his job for time off to look after his health.According to his uncle, David, who was the one who tried so hard to save his nephew’s life, before Roland passed away, the family had become confused because no matter what drugs they gave him, nothing seemed to stop the problem.“He was dying, so we just started giving him any and everything. He took a lot of country medicine. They took an X-ray of his stomach before his death and it showed that his kidney was damaged,” he said.When asked if the medicine could have been the cause of Roland’s kidney failure and death, his uncle replied, “maybe.”Meanwhile, I lost a good friend. The last time I saw Roland, he looked terribly weak and distant; but still, he had the readiness and attitude to work. We went to cover a couple of stories and almost every week he would call me and ask me why he couldn’t locate me afterwards.I was so caught up in my own busy life to realize he and I stopped seeing each other two to three weeks prior to his sickness worsening.“What you say? You promised that you would call me when you get into town,” was always the first question he would ask.Little did I know my best friend was afraid to tell me that he was sick and dying. But he wanted to say goodbye to me and that was the only way he thought he could get my attention.I admit that I became annoyed with his call. They were pouring in every day for the last three weeks of his life. When I would ask: “Why are you calling me so much?” He would answer: “I’m sick, just taking some country medicine until my family can take me to Bomi Hills for better treatment.”I shouted at him: “Roland, country medicine can kill! Why are you taking it? Go to the hospital, if you need anything, let me know, but don’t drink leaves,” I said angrily and hung up.Three days before he passed, he called me six times and I ended the call each time. Finally on the seventh ring, I answered.“What happened again?” I asked“I’m sick seriously, just wanted to say hi, see how you doing,” he said in a mellow tone.I didn’t know that my friend at the time was in pain and agony. According to David, by then, Roland was in unbearable pain and was begging his uncle to save him.“He asked me not to let him die and that the pain was too much. We rushed him to a taxi to carry him to Bomi Hills for help, but he was already almost gone by then. He passed right on his mother’s lap,” his uncle stated.Roland has since been buried. His family is urgently asking all of his friends and colleagues to please come together to have a memorial in the fallen reporter’s remembrance. In addition to his mother, Roland is survived by a one year old son, who he asked many of his friends before his passing to please look after.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img