Chengdu high tech Zone achieved a lot in 2015, developed a strong and powerful ability to drive innovation in 2016, Chengdu will build a new chapter again opened business development.

2 15, Chengdu high tech Zone annual work conference, from the conference room to Chengdu a square held, this release of clear innovation signal in   about 100000000000 industrial added value, total industrial output value of about 300000000000 on the basis of the first national independent innovation demonstration zone released the latest target: the construction of trillion Center for innovation and entrepreneurship.

How do

to 2020 according to the development plan, the next five years, Chengdu high tech Zone to achieve the total output value of the whole industry caliber 10000 billion yuan, aggregation technology enterprise 10000, aggregation of high-level innovative talents 10000 people, accumulated more than 11000 patents, the formulation of international, national and industry standards 1000.

this goal, Chengdu high tech Zone proposed the implementation of "seven action": the implementation of double action, lead the industry made Dazhi action, the initial formation of more than 5 new billion industry clusters; the implementation of talent aggregation operations, large open big city, big promotion action fusion action, system breakthrough action, livelihood security action.

in the city from other provinces, will implement the "coordinated action" plan, through different incubation, enclave economy, management mode, the establishment of cross regional output Park Park alliance, cross regional industry chain layout, deepen the comprehensive recommendation