the idea of entrepreneurship into the family can not be achieved? In China, more and more parents may think that the main task of the children is to learn, it is also a matter of growing up. So how can we let entrepreneurship education into the family?

To cultivate children’s creativity, imagination,

in foreign countries, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit has been deeply embedded in the daily family education. The Rockefeller family of William · Rockefeller said, his mother when he was young, every week will give fixed pocket money to guide him make weekly spending, these from the habit of him after the success in business is very helpful.

Many families

these small to large and subtle life ability, it is the essential quality of successful entrepreneurs. Because in the entrepreneurial process, whether it is the choice of entrepreneurial projects, choose a business partner or identify the entrepreneurial opportunity, looking for venture capital, only learn to think independently, to make the right choice, in order to make the business smoothly.