no matter what kind of business we are in, time is always a very important aspect, so the table will get a lot of attention. However, different identities for table demand will be different, even if the workers like watches, I am afraid it is difficult to load. So, what brand of office workers wear good?

Although most of the watch "

tribe" readers love to read about luxury watches, but since there are some "entering the altar table" is advanced to the table or many friends, so relatively friendly watches also want to talk about. However, although this topic will be a lot of people and brands, but also for workers in some people, so talented men still remained in concealment "part of the brand will be relatively luxurious.

also has some friends, although not very care about the watch, but because of the frequent business negotiations or to attend the activities because of other people, including customers or guests or many will wear expensive watches, in order to "lose face" or "off the shelf", so will choose to watch, even wearing luxury watches. It is necessary to point out that this topic has called the watch brand, mainly refers to the well-known international watch brands, rather than a luxury watch brand (except).


, Tissot Tissot

is a historical Tissot Swiss watchmaking brand, it is no exaggeration to say that, for most young people, Tissot has become China entering the workplace, or in favor of the Swiss brand, but also do not want to spend a lot of money to buy a table of friends to choose, especially the Tissot dress table, a lot of young people of all ages.

T-CLASSIC series Tissot T063.610.16.037.00 watch, quartz, stainless steel sheet, 42 mm in diameter, 30 meters waterproof.


, US

this is the so-called "brand spirit inspiration confirms the eternal", let the fleeting inspiration to the eternal moved, so some product aesthetics are added to the exotic cultural elements. At the same time, the degree of claiming in its development of four strategies in the process always adhere to: 1, out of the ordinary style; 2, mechanical accurate travel time; 3, the one and only Aquadura seal the crown system; 4, one hundred percent Swiss made.

Mido Baroncelli M8600.4.26.8 watch, equipped with automatic mechanical movement, stainless steel material, a date function, table 38 mm in diameter, 50 meters waterproof.