Rabat – The two chambers of the Colombian parliament expressed full support for Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara through a resolution, denouncing the serious violations of human rights against Sahrawi in the Tindouf camps, in Algeria.The resolution quoted by Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) said that the MPs of the Colombian parliament “reiterate” full support “for the efforts made by the kingdom of Morocco since 2007 in favor of a just, lastting and mutually acceptable political solution to the regional dispute over the Sahara, on the basis of the Moroccan initiative for the negotiation of a status of autonomy of the Sahara region.”Like the international community, the resolution described Morocco’s autonomy initiative as “pre-eminent-serious, credible and realistic.” Read Also: Ambassador to Morocco: Russia Remains Friendly with Parties to Western SaharaThe resolution recalled that the UN and the Security Council resolutions have long described Morocco’s autonomy plan as a credible solution to the Western Sahara conflict.The resolution added that “only a political and negotiable solution to the issue of the Sahara preserving the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the kingdom of Morocco is able to promote peace and stability in the Maghreb and Sahel region.”The MPs also expressed “great concerns” about the “serious violations” of human rights by the Polisario Front, including the “restriction on freedom of movement, expression, and demonstration” in the Tindouf camps.MPs, who voted for the resolution also called for “the census of the populations of these camps in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2414 of 27 April 2018 and the 1951 Geneva Convention and the relevant conclusions of the UNHCR Executive Committee.”MPs and senators from major political parties signed the resolution, including the ruling  Democratic Center (party).Other parties whose members signed the resolution are the Radical Change Party, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Party, the National Unity Part, the MIRA Party and the Green Alliance Party.The resolution also commended Morocco’s efforts to ensure development and better human rights in the country.