first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Further investigation into the death of Pantelis Pantelidis has revealed the singer had a large amount of alcohol in his system at the time of the car crash.According to Greek publication To Vima, toxicological and blood tests concluded that there was 2.72 g/Litre (0.272 per 100ml – Australian measurement standard) of alcohol in his bloodstream, while the maximum limit in Greece is 0.5 g/Liter (0.05 g/100ml).In accordance with the European Union’s Traffic Safety and Alcohol Regulations, Pantelidis’ alcohol reading at the time of the crash would have increased his crash rate by 22 times that of someone sober.Aside from alcohol however, it was confirmed that there were no traces of other substances.The alcohol blood reading is a critical discovery in the progress of the ongoing investigation into how and why the accident occurred.Other factors include the speed at which the vehicle was travelling and whether the road railings were adequate, given that they caused even further injuries to the 33-year-old and the two other passengers.News of the popular singer’s death on February 18, 2016 sent his family, friends and thousands of fans around the world into shock. The two other passengers in the car both sustained severe injuries, one of whom is reportedly still in hospital.Update: This story was updated to also reflect Asutralian blood alcohol concentration standards and to coorect an error in calculation.last_img