a shop in the end should be how to operate, in fact, we need to do more work, need to start from more aspects, so as to ensure a greater business success. So, how can we successfully operate a western restaurant? This is not a simple job, but not a simple answer to the question, we need to start from more aspects.

many people will ask: how to operate a western restaurant will be successful? In fact, the success of the western restaurant business is to provide customers with what they want. So, what is the consumer experience in the western restaurant? Western food industry commonly used 6 "M" can be very accurate answer. Today, we start to talk about how the western restaurant business from the 6 "M" a commonplace talk of an old scholar.

first, Menu, menu. Look at the menu, order is essential to eat Western food program, is a way of life. It can be said that the menu is the facade of the western restaurant, the restaurant owner will generally use the best fabric to do the cover of the menu, in order to highlight the level of Western restaurants. The most intuitive manifestation of the menu is the type and price of the western restaurant. The restaurant food types should be fresh fruits and vegetables, livestock season, not expensive rare, but fresh nutrition. The price of Western food should also be reasonable, generally based on the cost of food and beverage prices to reasonable pricing.

second, Music, music. Eat Western food, music is essential. Music is another kind of restaurant decoration, no concrete, but the role is not inferior to the shop decoration sculpture, western paintings and other decorations. Moreover, the choice of store music is also a direct reflection of the taste of western restaurant managers. If in a western restaurant to a song "dazzle most folk style" can be made. Generally speaking, the western restaurant music to soft, elegant, jazz, blues, Bruce are commonly used in western restaurant music. Ordinary western restaurant will use CD to play music, and some luxury western restaurant is a live piano or band Live.

third, Mood, atmosphere. Western restaurant is the most exquisite dining atmosphere. Lighting, music, color, decoration is to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for consumers. A little candlelight, soft music, warm color, white tablecloths, polished cutlery, these are the essential elements of Western restaurant.

fourth, Meeting, meeting. Western restaurant is the best place for people to contact the feelings of relatives, friends, lovers can be emotional exchanges in the western restaurant, which is why many of the western drama drama as a witness to the occurrence of love. It is in order to ensure customers meet the confidentiality, the restaurant will be noticed during the interval between the unit dining space design. There are many methods, such as the dining chairs height adjustment, a large green belt space, light and shadow building and so on, can be.