now, regardless of the size of the festival, flowers seem to be the most appropriate gift, so the florist business in recent years, unusually hot. Also need some experience and skills of a florist, full network Xiaobian immediately and you said that the flower related matters.

florist, as the name suggests is the spread of the United States where the commodity is spent, so is the soul of floral flower. First in the florist industry personnel must attend professional flower school, strive to improve the level of floral, high quality customer service.

1. A unique business philosophy, shop positioning, brand shop. Business shop business based, service supreme "principle, sincere service to consumers. Establish a sense of competition, market awareness, reputation and brand. Operating florist to learn to be a man, living in the world, is the first person to engage in business activities, but also to pay attention to life.

note shop location, from the shop location, name, Business Hours, trademark registration, shop CI system and organization (floral design department, business department, accounting department, the Department of transportation) should be conducive to establishing a brand shop, brand image, showing the florist.

Pay attention to the

, pay attention to the characteristics of management and marketing. The florist attaches great importance to the unique operating characteristics, store design and store family layout (with flower simulation, decorative flower shop flowers space) flowers, leaves varieties at home and abroad; out of the ordinary style of flower arrangement. Emphasis on holiday management and various forms of services. Such as flower shop decoration to have innovative ideas, unique layout, elegant, full of charm of the artistic atmosphere, to give people the enjoyment of high-quality culture. A telephone for an appointment of flowers, flower arrangement home service,

collective birthday flowers, flowers Zubai, annual online shop etc.

operator should not only business shop, but also to the operation of the market, to the art of innovation, management innovation, service innovation. Often in holiday florist business occupies a large proportion, to advance publicity (such as red and white banners in front of the store), the analysis of market demand, ready supply organization staff and skilled personnel appropriate for floral flowers (such as store marketing and media advertisement, before the Spring Festival, each big unit to fax and email), pay attention to the lover festival, Christmas, mother’s day, teacher’s day, Spring Festival and other festivals and the development of the Qixi Festival old, Valentine’s day, men have the potential to holiday festival.

21 century, the era of the Internet, the recommended