first_img You Can Buy Epic Games Store Exclusives on HumbleStadia Is Google’s New Video Game Streaming Platform Gone Home might well be one of the most famous sleeper hits in gaming history. It centered its narrative on a young, adolescent girl and her exploration of a nascent love life. As far as games go, however, that’s far more alien than an invasion or giant insectoid creatures. Games, for all their pomp, often refuse to tackle the personal or the affecting. But the developers at Fullbright, responsible for Gone Home, an unwitting watershed masterpiece, have aimed their sights a bit higher for their sophomore endeavor.Tacoma is a smooth slide into near-future science fiction. You play as a free agent and likely repair technician working her way through a derelict space station. The Tacoma is a trumped-up, largely abandoned settlement orbiting Earth. As you glide in, a calming voice notes that everything you do will be recorded in Augmented Reality and that your actions will be considered the property of some corporation. While that’s not relevant to you per se, it provides a convenient plot McGuffin that provides AR-based recordings of the station’s former crew for you to sift through.These recordings yield subtle hints to Tacoma’s puzzles, including passcodes for otherwise secure doors, and valuable, albeit fragmented, exposition about the operational state of Tacoma station.Beyond that, though, Tacoma isn’t too far flung from its spiritual prequel. As you probe the station, you can examine basic objects looking for clues or secrets. Collectively, they help you suss out just what happened on the station. As you piece bits together, though, you come to understand the emotive core of Fullbright’s latest project. So, while Gone Home might have focused on adolescent limerence, Tacoma is a voyeuristic look at life before the catastrophe. Much like the impromptu statues at Pompeii, the former inhabitants of Tacoma Station are complex people with nuanced lives and they, more than the foundational mystery of “what happened,” establish the narrative fulcrum upon which Tacoma balances.While it’s still in development, and the date may change, Tacoma is due out by mid-2017, Stay on targetlast_img