no matter what kind of business, no matter what kind of industry, you need to use promotions. A shop to do a good job in order to ensure the stability of the annual revenue, enhance the store image, bring profit. So, what are the common means of promotion? Here’s a good choice.

price Coupons: what are the commonly used promotional tools? The price coupon is a kind of price tag which is given to the customer by the commercial unit with the outer package of the advertisement or the product. Customers use coupons can usually cost a few percent discount to get in the price, but another is a coupon after shopping coupon can be converted into money "automatic discharge type token", the proportion is more favorable.

additional transactions: what are the commonly used promotional tools? Additional trading is a short-term price cutting method, the specific practice is to pay a certain number of customers in the transaction free of the same kind of goods. The common language of this approach is "buy a few to send a few". Additional transactions have been widely used in fast food restaurants, such as Beijing’s "Pizza Hut" bakery, if guests dining in the provisions of a relatively quiet time, according to the different amount of meal, customers can get different free drinks.

discount: what are the common promotion methods? Discount is the price of goods in the sale of goods discount, the discount rate is generally ranging from 5% to 50%, the amplitude is too large or too small will cause customers to doubt the authenticity of the psychological activities. The discount signs can be posted outside the store, and can also be displayed on the display of discounted merchandise.

rebate: what are the commonly used promotional tools? Rebate to consumers is not immediately after consumers buy goods, but need some steps to complete. Signs are usually rebate is attached to the product or packaging is printed directly on the packaging of products, such as wine generally rebate logo on the bottle. When a consumer purchases a product with a rebate mark, it is necessary to return the rebate label to the manufacturer and then send the check to the consumer by the manufacturer on the basis of the amount of the rebate.

prize sales: what are the commonly used promotional tools? Prize sales is one of the most attractive means of promotion, because once consumers win, the value of the prizes are very attractive, many consumers are willing to try this risk-free prize purchase activities. In China, the law stipulates that a single prize sales award shall not exceed five thousand yuan. In addition to that is to buy off the prize, in order to improve the credibility of prize sale, the organizers are generally required to draw to draw the scene please notary supervision, and publish the results in the lottery issued a large amount of local newspaper.

sample: what are the common promotion methods? The meaning of the sample in the promotion strategy includes two kinds of new products and on-site tasting. A lot of