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cheap flights direct to Frankfurt Destinations MaltaFind cheap flights direct to Malta SantoriniFind cheap flights direct to Santorini DalamanFind cheap flights direct to Dalaman ZakynthosFind cheap flights direct to Zakynthos ViennaFind cheap flights direct to Vienna NiceFind cheap flights direct to Nice NewcastleFind cheap flights direct to Newcastle GlasgowFind cheap flights direct to Glasgow BourgasFind cheap flights direct to Bourgas KosFind cheap flights direct to Kos GuernseyFind cheap flights direct to Guernsey RhodesFind cheap flights direct to Rhodes HeraklionFind cheap flights direct to Heraklion PulaFind cheap flights direct to Pula FunchalFind cheap flights direct to Funchal {% widgets %} {“id”:”map”,”type”:”widget”,”params”:{“mapJSON”:{“places”:[{“lat” : 57.2025,”lng” : -2.198056,”heading”: “Aberdeen”,”text”: “Rich cultural attractions and industrial links makes flights to Aberdeen popular with both business and leisure travellers.”,”destination”:”ABZ”},{“lat” : 38.282222,”lng” : -0.558056,”heading”: “Alicante”,”text”: “Fly to Alicante to holiday at some of the most popular Spanish towns including Benidorm and Torrevieja.”,”destination”:”ALC”},{“lat” : 52.308056,”lng” : 4.764167,”heading”: “Amsterdam”,”text”: “An exciting nightlife, historic attractions and a canal network make up the unique city break destination of Amsterdam.”,”destination”:”AMS”},{“lat” : 36.900278,”lng” : 30.792778,”heading”: “Antalya”,”text”: “Turkey’s most popular resort boasts turquoise seas against white sandy beaches, charming harbours and Roman ruins.”,”destination”:”AYT”},{“lat” : 41.296944,”lng” : 2.078333,”heading”: “Barcelona”,”text”: “Visit the coolest city in Spain for Gaudi’s architecture, arts and Catalan culture.”,”destination”:”BCN”},{“lat” : 47.59,”lng” : 7.529167,”heading”: “Basel”,”text”: “Flying to Basel Airport will put you in easy reach of medieval Basel, Switzerland, Mulhouse, France and Freiburg, Germany. “,”destination”:”BSL”},{“lat” : 54.6575,”lng” : -6.215833,”heading”: “Belfast”,”text”: “Fly to Belfast for a city break with Irish charm, maritime history and the UK’s best indoor markets.”,”destination”:”BFS”},{“lat” : 52.378611,”lng” : 13.520556,”heading”: “Berlin”,”text”: “The now-trendy Berlin is the perfect destination for a city break, rich in history, cool hotels and a cafe culture.”,”destination”:”BFS”},{“lat” :43.301111,”lng” : -2.910556,”heading”: “Bilbao”,”text”: “If you have an interest in industrial art and bold architecture, Bilbao may be the perfect quirky city for you.”,”destination”:”BIO”},{“lat” : 37.250556,”lng” : 27.664167,”heading”: “Bodrum”,”text”: “Flights to Bodrum serve the towns of Bodrum and Milas in the Aegean region of Turkey.”,”destination”:”BJV”},{“lat” : 44.828333,”lng” : -0.715556,”heading”: “Bordeaux”,”text”: “Fly to Bordeaux, the centre of the wine region, known for its grand architecture, art collections and gardens.”,”destination”:”BOD”},{“lat” : 44.828333,”lng” : -0.715556,”heading”: “Bourgas”,”text”: “Fly from Bristol to Bourgas, the gateway to popular resorts of the Bulgarian Black Sea.”,”destination”:”BOJ”},{“lat” : 50.901389,”lng” : 4.484444,”heading”: “Brussels”,”text”: “Brussels, the Capital of Europe combines a vibrant atmosphere with medieval history and arts, the ideal city break for the culture vulture. “,”destination”:”BRU”},{“lat” : 37.466667,”lng” : 15.063889,”heading”: “Catania”,”text”: “Fly to Catania, the traditional Sicilian city on the foot of Mount Etna.”,”destination”:”CTA”},{“lat” : 35.531667,”lng” : 24.149722,”heading”: “Chania”,”text”: “Chania situated on the north west coast of Crete combines Turkish and Venetian influences, it’s known for its Venetian harbour and quiet secluded beaches.”,”destination”:”CHQ”},{“lat” : 55.618056,”lng” : 12.656111,”heading”: “Copenhagen”,”text”: “Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital is the city of contrasts, old blends perfectly with modern culture and bold architecture.”,”destination”:”CPH”},{“lat” : 39.601944,”lng” : 19.911667,”heading”: “Corfu”,”text”: “Fly to from Bristol to Corfu for a traditional Greek beach holiday.”,”destination”:”CFU”},{“lat” : 51.841389,”lng” : -8.491111,”heading”: “Cork”,”text”: “Cork Airport serves the southwest coast of Ireland, rich in history and rolling green countryside.”,”destination”:”ORK”},{“lat” : 36.714722,”lng” : 28.792778,”heading”: “Dalaman”,”text”: “Get started with your holiday to Dalaman, Marmaris, or Feithye with flights from Bristol to Dalaman. “,”destination”:”DLM”},{“lat” : 53.421389,”lng” : -6.27,”heading”: “Dublin”,”text”: “Fly to Dublin, a favourite for those looking for a weekend break in Ireland.”,”destination”:”DUB”},{“lat” : 42.561389,”lng” : 18.268333,”heading”: “Dubrovnik”,”text”: “Immerse yourself in the history and recognisable landscape of Dubrovnik, Croatia.”,”destination”:”DBV”},{“lat” : 51.289444,”lng” : 6.766667,”heading”: “Dusseldorf”,”text”: “Fly to Dusseldorf from Bristol for vibrant arts, style and Germany’s oldest park.”,”destination”:”DUS”},{“lat” : 55.95,”lng” : -3.3725,”heading”: “Edinburgh”,”text”: “Fly to Edinburgh for a weekend break, enjoy the historic castle, arts festivals and the Royal Mile.”,”destination”:”EDI”},{“lat” : 37.014444,”lng” : -7.965833,”heading”: “Faro”,”text”: “Flights to Faro will take you to the gateway of The Algarve, packed with beaches, golf courses and traditional Portugese towns. “,”destination”:”FAO”},{“lat” : 50.033333,”lng” : 8.570556,”heading”: “Frankfurt”,”text”: “Collections of museums, historical buidlings, over 50 parks and the Christmas markets make Frankfurt a year round city break destination for all. “,”destination”:”FRA”},{“lat” : 28.452778,”lng” : -13.863889,”heading”: “Fuerteventura “,”text”: “Fuerteventura, Canary Islands with its white sandy beaches and 300 days of sunshine it offers a tranquil spot for a holiday throughout the year. “,”destination”:”FUE”},{“lat” : 32.694167,”lng” : -16.778056,”heading”: “Funchal”,”text”: “Flights to Funchal serve the Portugese island of Maderia, off the coast of Africa. “,”destination”:”FNC”},{“lat” : 46.238333,”lng” : 6.109444,”heading”: “Geneva”,”text”: “Geneva offers a city break with small town charm and activites on Lake Geneva during summer, and the base for ski breaks in The Alps during the winter months. “,”destination”:”GVA”},{“lat” : 36.151111,”lng” : -5.349722,”heading”: “Gibraltar”,”text”: “Combining British and Mediterranean culture, Bristol to Gibraltar is a popular flight route with both business and leisure travellers.”,”destination”:”GIB”},{“lat” : 55.871944,”lng” : -4.433056,”heading”: “Glasgow”,”text”: “Fly to Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow for a cosmpolitan city break. “,”destination”:”GLA”},{“lat” : 27.931944,”lng” : -15.386667,”heading”: “Gran Canaria”,”text”: “The Canary Island of Gran Canaria is home to boutique shops, sand dunes, and the historic Teide. “,”destination”:”LPA”},{“lat” : 45.363056,”lng” : 5.329444,”heading”: “Grenoble”,”text”: “At the foot of The Alps in France, fly to Grenoble for skiing and winter sports holidays.”,”destination”:”GNB”},{“lat” : 49.434722,”lng” : -2.601944,”heading”: “Guernsey”,”text”: “Fly to Guernsey, the lush green Channel Island, a haven for nature and walking enthusiasts.”,”destination”:”GCI”},{“lat” : 53.630278,”lng” : 9.991111,”heading”: “Hamburg”,”text”: “Hamburg, Germany’s second city is hidden away in the north of the country. Home to extensive waterways, museums and a popular theatre scene, Hamburg offers a taste of traditional Germany. “,”destination”:”HAM”},{“lat” : 35.339722,”lng” : 25.180278,”heading”: “Heraklion”,”text”: “Heraklion is the capital of Crete, on the north east of the island it is in easy reach of resorts such as the party town of Malia.”,”destination”:”HER”},{“lat” : 38.872778,”lng” : 1.375833,”heading”: “Ibiza”,”text”: “Whether you want UNESCO World Heritage Sites and quaint villages or world famous nightlife, Ibiza has it all. “,”destination”:”IBZ”},{“lat” : 57.5425,”lng” : -4.0475,”heading”: “Inverness”,”text”: “Inverness, known as the Gateway to the Highlands is in easy reach of Loch Ness and historic Scottish sights. “,”destination”:”INV”},{“lat” : 54.083333,”lng” : -4.623333,”heading”: “Isle of Man”,”text”: “A trip to the Isle of Man offers a countryside retreat with a Viking history and the world famous TT Races.”,”destination”:”IOM”},{“lat” : 49.208056,”lng” : -2.195278,”heading”: “Jersey”,”text”: “The Channel Island of Jersey offers the perfect blend of dramatic countryside, beaches and family activities.”,”destination”:”JER”},{“lat” : 38.12,”lng” : 20.500278,”heading”: “Kefalonia”,”text”: “Fly to Kefalonia for Greece’s most beautiful beaches, A-list resorts and historic towns. “,”destination”:”KEF”},{“lat” : 36.8003,”lng” : 27.091667,”heading”: “Kos”,”text”: “Kos Airport serves the Greek Island of Kos where you will find beaches, Roman ruins and castles. “,”destination”:”KGS”},{“lat” : 50.077778,”lng” : 19.784722,”heading”: “Krakow”,”text”: “Flights to Krakow will take you to explore Poland’s cosmopolitan city of culture. “,”destination”:”KRK”},{“lat” : 28.9504,”lng” : -13.6058,”heading”: “Lanzarote”,”text”: “The Canary Island of Lanzarote offers volcanic scenery, vast sandy beaches and year round sun. “,”destination”:”ACE”},{“lat” : 34.8723,”lng” : 33.630278,”heading”: “Larnaca”,”text”: “The Larnaca region of Cyprus is home to the popular party town of Ayia Napa, alongside resorts such as Protaras and Nissi Beach for families and couples.”,”destination”:”LCA”},{“lat” : 38.774167,”lng” : -9.134167,”heading”: “Lisbon”,”text”: “Lisbon, the capital of Portugal offers a city break with a picture-perfect landscape brimming with cosmpolitan arts, shopping and culture.”,”destination”:”LIS”},{“lat” : 45.725556,”lng” : 5.081111,”heading”: “Lyons”,”text”: “Flights to Lyon Airport offer connections to the French city of Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpe region.”,”destination”:”LYS”},{“lat” : 40.472222,”lng” : -3.560833,”heading”: “Madrid”,”text”: “Fly to Madrid for a weekend break, cosmpolitan culture, shopping, arts and style all await in Spain’s capital.”,”destination”:”MAD”},{“lat” : 39.551667,”lng” : 2.738889,”heading”: “Majorca”,”text”: “Flights to Majorca, Balearic Islands are popular with families heading to the many family friendly resorts of the island. “,”destination”:”PMI”},{“lat” : 36.675,”lng” : -4.499167,”heading”: “Malaga”,”text”: “Malaga, the gateway to the popular family holiday destinations in Costa del Sol in the south of Spain.”,”destination”:”AGP”},{“lat” : 35.8575,”lng” : 14.4775,”heading”: “Malta”,”text”: “The island of Malta boasts an electic mix of beaches, culture, water sports and historic castles.”,”destination”:”MLA”},{“lat” : 31.606944,”lng” : -8.036389,”heading”: “Marrakech”,”text”: “Exotic traditions, electic bazaars, Moroccan cuisine await in the bustling city of Marrakech, Morroco. “,”destination”:”RAK”},{“lat” : 43.436667,”lng” : 5.215,”heading”: “Marseille”,”text”: “The oldest city in France, Marseille is now one of the most glamorous.”,”destination”:”MRS”},{“lat” : 39.8625,”lng” : 4.218611,”heading”: “Menorca”,”text”: “The understated Balearic Island, Menorca is ideal for quiet beach holidays and exploring the Menorca countryside.”,”destination”:”MAH”},{“lat” : 45.63,”lng” : 8.723056,”heading”: “Milan”,”text”: “From the catwalk, to arts and architecture, take a flight to Milan, Italy’s most stylish city.”,”destination”:”MXP”},{“lat” : 36.675,”lng” : -4.499167,”heading”: “Malaga”,”text”: “Malaga, the gateway to the popular family holiday destinations in Costa del Sol in the south of Spain.”,”destination”:”AGP”},{“lat” : 37.774722,”lng” : -0.812222,”heading”: “Murcia”,”text”: “Hidden away from the main Spanish resorts, Murcia blends history, golf courses, nature and local cuisine. “,”destination”:”MJV”},{“lat” : 47.156944,”lng” : -1.607778,”heading”: “Nantes”,”text”: “Nantes and seaside towns on the west coast of France are in easy reach from Nantes Airport. “,”destination”:”NTE”},{“lat” : 40.884444,”lng” : 14.290833,”heading”: “Naples”,”text”: “One of Italy’s most artistic cities, Naples offers grand landmarks and easy access to Vesuvius and Pompeii.”,”destination”:”NAP”},{“lat” : 55.038056,”lng” : -1.689722,”heading”: “Newcastle”,”text”: “Newcastle Airport is the gateway to the North East of England with Newcastle, Durham and the Northumberland countryside all nearby.”,”destination”:”NCL”},{“lat” : 43.665278,”lng” : 7.215,”heading”: “Nice”,”text”: “Discover the French Riveria with a visit to Nice, a city famous for its cuisine, beauty and history.”,”destination”:”NCE”},{“lat” : 40.885833,”lng” : 9.516944,”heading”: “Olbia”,”text”: “Olbia, in the north of Sardinia is rich in Medieval history and in easy reach of some of the best beaches in Europe.”,”destination”:”OLB”},{“lat” : 28.777778,”lng” : -81.2375,”heading”: “Orlando”,”text”: “The theme park capital of the world, Orlando is one of the world’s best destinations for family holidays. “,”destination”:”SFB”},{“lat” : 34.718333,”lng” : 32.485,”heading”: “Paphos”,”text”: “Mythical and rich in history, fly to Paphos, explore the Cypriot town and enjoy the year round sun. “,”destination”:”PFO”},{“lat” : 49.009722,”lng” : 2.547778,”heading”: “Paris”,”text”: “The romantic atmosphere of Paris makes it the perfect destination for a city break in France.”,”destination”:”CDG”},{“lat” : 43.683889,”lng” : 10.3925,”heading”: “Pisa”,”text”: “Fly to the seaside city of Pisa, the gateway to Tuscany, famed for the Leaning Tower of Pisa. “,”destination”:”PSA”},{“lat” : 41.235556,”lng” : -8.678056,”heading”: “Porto”,”text”: “Fly to Porto for the striking architecture, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and the Doura Valley wine region.”,”destination”:”OPO”},{“lat” : 50.108003,”lng” : 14.275062,”heading”: “Prague”,”text”: “One of Europe’s cheapest city break destinations, Prague offers gothic architecuture, fairytale castles and beer festivals. “,”destination”:”PRG”},{“lat” : 44.893611,”lng” : 13.922222,”heading”: “Pula”,”text”: “Pula, is a 3000 year old Croatian city with a wealth of history, Roman ruins and popular beaches. “,”destination”:”PUY”},{“lat” : 41.1475,”lng” : 1.167222,”heading”: “Reus”,”text”: “Fly to Reus, Spain to explore the birthplace of Gaudi, discover the wines of the region and the Catalan modernist architecture”,”destination”:”REU”},{“lat” : 63.985,”lng” : -22.605556,”heading”: “Reykjavik”,”text”: “See amazing sights such as the Northern Lights in Iceland with flights to Reykjavik.”,”destination”:”KEF”},{“lat” : 36.405419,”lng” : 28.086192,”heading”: “Rhodes”,”text”: “Fly to Rhodes Island, with Rhodes Town for couples, Faliraki for nightlife and Lindos for ancient history.”,”destination”:”RHO”},{“lat” : 41.800278,”lng” : 12.238889,”heading”: “Rome”,”text”: “Whether you’re looking for fine Roman cuisine, Ancient Roman ruins or the Vatican City, Rome has it all.”,”destination”:”FCO”},{“lat” : 16.7425,”lng” : -22.948056,”heading”: “Sal”,”text”: “Sal, an island in Cape Verde is for those looking for a holiday filled with rest and relaxation on beautiful beaches. “,”destination”:”SID”},{“lat” : 47.794444,”lng” : 13.003333,”heading”: “Salzburg”,”text”: “Salzburg’s fairytale setting offers museums and galleries,and during winter Christmas markets and easy access to the skiing in The Alps.”,”destination”:”SZG”},{“lat” : 36.399169,”lng” : 25.479333,”heading”: “Santorini”,”text”: “Santorini offers traditional Greece with a laid back charm amongst the dramatic landscape caused by volcanic eruptions.”,”destination”:”JTR”},{“lat” : 43.538889,”lng” : 16.298056,”heading”: “Split”,”text”: “Split is the city of contrasts, old and new, dramatic green mountains and the turquoise seas.”,”destination”:”SPU”},{“lat” : 28.044444,”lng” : -16.5725,”heading”: “Tenerife”,”text”: “Known as the Island of Eternal Spring, the Canary Island of Tenerife is a year round holiday destination. “,”destination”:”TFS”},{“lat” : 43.635,”lng” : 1.367778,”heading”: “Toulouse”,”text”: “Fly to the Pink City of south France, Toulouse.”,”destination”:”TLS”},{“lat” : 45.505278,”lng” : 12.351944,”heading”: “Venice”,”text”: “A favourite for a couples city break, the romance of Venice and a gondola along the canal awaits.”,”destination”:”VCE”},{“lat” : 48.110278,”lng” : 16.569722,”heading”: “Vienna”,”text”: “The capital of Austria, Vienna has a rich cultural scene, with opera, theatre, and fine arts. “,”destination”:”VIE”},{“lat” : 48.353889,”lng” : 11.786111,”heading”: “Munich”,”text”: “Munich enjoys a traditional Bavarian culture, arts and the world famous Oktoberfest.”,”destination”:”MUC”},{“lat” : 37.750833,”lng” : 20.884167,”heading”: “Zakynthos”,”text”: “For summer beach holidays head to Zakynthos, the 3rd largest of the Ionian Islands.”,”destination”:”ZTH”}]}}}{% endwidgets %}Click here if you are looking for more information on Bristol Airport.If you have already booked a flight to or from Bristol and would like to follow the status of a flight, go to our Bristol Live Flight Information page. 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