first_imgPrepared by FFWPU USAOn May 13, Rev. Richard Buessing, President of Family Federation for a Heavenly USA, and his wife Mrs. Marjorie Buessing visited the Bay Area Family Church to deliver a Mother’s Day sermon.Before beginning, Rev. Buessing welcomed his wife to speak. “The most beautiful thing that True Parents gave us is family,” said Mrs. Buessing, encouraging everyone to have dinner with other Unificationist couples and to celebrate their families.Then Rev. Buessing delivered his message. He explained that he had joined the Unification Movement over 45 years ago in San Jose, California. He was happy to see so many people in the audience that he knew from the early days. Rev. Buessing became emotional as he struggled to verbalize his next words. “There’s so many elders that I have such great respect for. You’re truly special people.”The president then read some of True Father’s words about True Mother. It was clear from the passages in the Cham Bumo Gyeong and True Mother’s new anthology that True Father adored and deeply loved his True Mother. Speaking about Mrs. Buessing, Rev. Buessing added, “My wife always brings a heart to the environment and makes people feel good about wherever they are, wherever they’re coming from.”Rev. Buessing spoke next about his recent trip to see True Mother in Vienna, Austria. He explained the deep realizations that he had while visiting cathedrals adorned with gold and reminiscing with Unificationists who had family members living in Europe during the Holocaust. Even though Europe is Christian, and beautiful churches are at the center of every city, its history was marked by two thousand years of war and grave atrocities.In contrast to this history, Rev. Buessing was inspired to see so many people in Vienna who wanted to hear True Mother’s message. Some Unificationists had driven 40 hours, coming from as far as Russia, just to see her. Prior to speaking, True Mother was warmly welcomed by the former Minister of Defense. Rev. Buessing described how captivated he was by the minister’s reverence for True Mother.He then came to his main takeaway: “We don’t know how God will work,” proclaimed Rev. Buessing. “One person can make a huge difference.” Continuing, he said, “We have to think on a bigger level and scale.”Rev. Buessing teared up as he explained that our Heavenly Parent needs all of us to carry out True Parents’ message. “God needs me. I’m the only one that has the arms or legs or mouth to speak and to share a most profound message.” And yet, he added,  it is so easy to get locked into our own worlds and viewpoints, never giving ourselves room to expand and think bigger.“The realm of God is so big, and the realm of God’s love is so big.” He finished by declaring, “If we pray and we’re serious about it, we can make a change.”last_img