in different times, the demands for furniture will be different, in the past, for many families, or hit the furniture, but in the current era, no custom furniture has been more and more recognized by consumers. In fact, in recent years, the concept of custom furniture began to become more and more popular, more people recognized and accepted at the same time, consumers pay more attention to brand reputation and quality.

we can custom furniture brand from the enterprise scale, the number of custom furniture enterprises nationwide stores, custom furniture product visibility and consumer acceptance, product environmental protection level and process level and other factors to judge other aspects of a Brand Company. The following is the author through the comprehensive research results, give you a summary of full house custom furniture ten brands list, the purpose is to provide scientific, objective and realistic reference for practitioners and buyers interested in the whole house custom furniture industry.

1, the whole house custom furniture list of the top ten brands Piana

2002, Piana took the lead in the introduction of French style in China, set off a taste of home life of the new fashion. Development has become Asia’s first modern science and art industry base, equipped with a full set of CNC flexible production line and experienced professional team, the annual production capacity of 60 thousand sets, more than 700 stores in china. Piana wardrobe from the industry’s first 360° full coverage, six years warranty, seven star customized to zero formaldehyde 4G home market, creating a new era of home custom home industry environmental protection.

2, the whole house custom furniture list of the top ten brands Sophia

Sophia wardrobe company covers an area of 103 acres, plant area of more than 50 thousand square meters, 11 production and management departments have furniture processing equipment production, management department and the world’s leading perfect. As of the end of 2011, the company employs more than 2 thousand people, more than 400 dealers, more than 800 stores.

3, the whole house custom furniture list of the top ten brands easy high

is the largest high custom furniture custom furniture brands in East China, has an area of over 200 thousand square meters of production center, and has 31000 leveling clean production workshop, the full product according to top environmental standards, products through ten central certification.

4, full house custom furniture ten brand list Dafeili

Dafeili company is located in Sichuan Chengdu, the company has built 6000 square meters of marketing center in Chengdu global center, the company has won the "China green products", "China famous brand" the honorary title, the country has more than and 200 stores.