in recent years, a variety of handmade products more and more popular. For example, the opening of a candle is a very good choice. As long as you will make some small handmade products, you can successfully set up shop, or find a reliable brand, so that the headquarters can supply. What are the main concerns of this kind of shops? Come and learn.

Some marketing tricks

all into handmade candles stores customers we will seriously, to provide advisory services to its customers, with a cordial conversation, understanding of customer needs, the transaction is to leave a good impression; through various publicity activities, mining customers of competitors.

stores in the manual candles in the daily operation, many customers are always in the East West pick pick, color, specifications, style, delivery date. Stop, then do not talk about whether to buy immediately, to help each other warmly the selection of colors, specifications, style, delivery date, once the above problem resolved, on the implementation of the orders.

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