in order to support migrant workers returning home to start business, and now all over the country are constantly introduced more preferential policies. And this year, Qinghai through the implementation of lower threshold, the implementation of home business tax cuts Jiangfei policy, strengthen home business park construction and a series of supporting measures to support local residence of migrant workers, college graduates, demobilized soldiers and other workers returning home for business. Currently, the province’s migrant workers and other personnel to return home to start 586 people, led by the employment of 2103 people.

Qinghai province to increase financial support and financial support for returning home. For the first time to meet the business conditions of personnel home business to give a one-time start-up subsidies for home business personnel, business entities or network business to give a one-time award, the college graduates founded Lingban herdsmen cooperatives, provide social security subsidies and living allowances etc.. Encourage financial institutions to develop products and services in line with the characteristics of the needs of returning home, to meet the conditions of the return of entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurial loans secured.

in addition, the human resources department of the full implementation of migrant workers returning personnel entrepreneurship training plan of action for five years, from 2016 to 2020, combined with regional characteristics, carry out the "entrepreneurial" enterprise + + Hand-Pulled Noodle "Nongjiale" "business + e-commerce" training project. At the same time, actively organized entrepreneurial training camp, entrepreneurship and innovation contest, returning home entrepreneurship projects and other activities to promote the show. Development and innovation to create a project library, the establishment of innovative entrepreneurship project free public release system, to return home to provide comprehensive, high-quality entrepreneurial services.

because of aggressive measures like this, so that local entrepreneurial migrant workers have developed very well, not only made great contribution for local economic development, more help migrant workers more realize the desire to get rich, so as to obtain numerous agricultural workers.

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