said the cake shop has a business market, which no one will deny that, after all, the market is now the demand for cake is still very large, however, it is not difficult to find, now open more and more cake shop. Indeed, the profitability of the cake shop is really very good, open the cake shop is also a one-time investment, followed by steady and fast money to open shop projects. Let’s take a look at the cake shop owner is how to make money through the cake shop.

downstairs in my home has a 20 square meters of cake shop, every day I work from the front door, will see there are a lot of customers. At first, I thought it was the residents of the District, we must be convenient to come shopping. However, I also saw a lot of other district residents also come here to shop, which makes me wonder.

home Saturday, again through the cake shop, there are still streams of people busily coming and going. I saw an advertisement in the doorway, which said, "after you eat it, you get it."". What’s the meaning of this? White also donated? No money you will let customers eat, also give away? The owner of the shop is certainly not a fool, then, he is sure to do this is to cheat, right, certainly is a lie, the TV show much more, the first to attract you into the store, after entering, you can not be determined by the customer! You don’t have to pay much!

think of here, I have some tricks filled with righteous indignation, deception to play at the door! As a citizen with a sense of justice, as a business practitioner, I have the obligation to expose the owner of the ugly intentions, so that residents do not be fooled!

thought of here, I was filled with a sense of justice into the cake shop. Just a door, a delicious taste of the cake oncoming. Hello, welcome to!" The clerk said hello to me, I would not ignore her: liar, pretend to be quite like!

although I did not speak, but the clerk smiled, I do not know how, I seem to have a lot of gas. She politely introduces all kinds of cakes to me, and with every taste samples so I try to eat. After a while, I’ve already eaten 4 cakes. I have a little "eat people mouth short" feeling, the waiter sister laugh so sweet, attitude has been so good, tasted a few, do not buy, I was not a liar?

so, I chose a kind of cake that I like to taste. The price is 3 pieces of 5 hair, I just want to pay, the waiter said with a smile: "sister, this is our shop to you, if you like or want to eat cake, we went to the store to see. The second half of the month, we will be full of 5 yuan donated a small Boudin activities, remember to come and see!" I have a mind a bit overwhelmed by an unexpected favour, chaos, so sleepwalk out of the shop. With "free" the smell of the cake, looked at the hands of "white cake, I take" self "