a lot of times, if you want to make a shop business is hot, often just need a small tool, or a small try. In this article, small series for everyone to try is to add a donation box in the shop, the effect is very significant oh.

that time, I went to the bank to withdraw money. In line, I suddenly found next to a donation box, to see a lot of change from the outside to the inside, my heart suddenly raised a warmth. Because we have a lot of time, the change is very troublesome, and easily installed in his pocket, so for the sake of convenience, but also to offer a caring, so that the merits of the case role played most incisive.

back to her after the supermarket, I’ve been thinking, if in my supermarket also put a donation box so that the effect will be how? But the customer will not think that I am for that change, if that’s the case, I was the opposite. However, after some research, I still made a donation box. In order to reflect the integrity, I will put the merit box lock, the person in charge of the district and invite keys with the introduction and supervision area responsible person, this practice I was able to go.

Since the

with this merit box, I found that many customers will change thrown in. My this practice effect is very good, some customers see after said to me: "boss, I see this merit box are good you know this person, a good person to sell things, we can rest assured to buy!" I’m very glad to hear what he said.

every month, the person responsible for the District opened in public donation box and the money inside collect and record, reach a certain amount directly to the poor family near the community. This is my merit box not only embodies the good faith, but also for the convenience of customers. Since I got this donation box, I found that I have more customers in the supermarket. A small act of kindness I let I harvest surprise.

, a charity that has what kind of loss to the shop almost no, but can let the store around the eyes of customers left a very good impression, this shop for business development will naturally very favorable. So, if you are trying to increase the popularity of the store, might as well put a small donation box in the shop.