in Chinese placesuchimportanceon education background, almost every child trying to learn the correct University, however, the protagonist is accidentally dropped out, but out of their wonderful entrepreneurial road. Out of business, they abandoned the business from the farm, when the swineherd all day and pig company, which in the ordinary people may seem ism, but Zhongxian Shuanggui Town Farm Bridge village of Chongqing City Ma Liu Yang has this "special" road to have a unique style.

he was president of the student union of Sichuan International Studies University dropped out due to illness, accident, after many setbacks, he began to return home business founded special wild boar farms, 10 years has not only become the leader of the Chongqing City special wild boar breeding, also set up cooperatives, led the villagers out of poverty, recently, the 80 "swineherd" was nominated for the 2016 annual Chongqing characters.

campus to pig shed

hard pioneering development

recalled the reasons for dropping out of business, Liu Yang said it was because he had a joke. In 2000, he was admitted to Sichuan International Studies University at the age of 18, and later became president of the student council. Admission only six months, a sudden heart disease will be sent to the operation room, in order to give him treatment, parents spend a lot of money. After rehabilitation, he thought several times, and finally decided to drop out of business, reduce the burden on family.

After dropping out of school,

Liu Yang has worked in different industries, also founded Internet Co. In a meeting on his first taste of friends from the North back to the wild boar, wild boar meat delicious, fat but not greasy, very popular with friends love. After investigation, he learned that wild boar is not only high prices, good feed, but there is no wild boar meat market in Chongqing. In 2007, Liu Yang decided to transfer the horse profit in the company, leaving the business from the farm, embarked on the road of "swineherd".

had never had a pig farm, he did not even the "layman" site, technology, sales and so on is Ma Liu Yang entrepreneurial stumbling block on the road, but all obstacles can’t beat him. He used 140 thousand yuan start-up capital, in Geleshan rented a 70 square meters into cow farms, bought dozens of wild boar seedlings, no money please workers everything they do.

winter forage shortage, Ma Liu Yang braved the snow to the mountain grass playing pig. Feed more than 2 tons of distiller’s grains, he was a man with a backpack and a trip from the side of the road back to the farm, every day from six in the evening has been busy until ten pm. Fortunately, in Ma Liu Yang’s care, wild boar gratifying, slaughter rate is high, the farm founded only became profitable in 3 months.

in the same year, Liu Yang responded to the call of the government to return home business, returned to Zhongxian, Ma, Liu Yang, the size of the wild boar farms to more than 1 thousand acres. Before 2010, by virtue of saving recommended