2012, a new era, of course, what is under continuous development, including people’s minds, unceasingly along with the change of thinking, people of such a trend for online shopping trend will inevitably have some new ideas.

A, group purchase,

looks very beautiful

actually even now, often eat, buy movie tickets, or will be the first time that the group purchase. Because the temporary use of idle away in seeking pleasure is more reliable group purchase. It is often the case, the price of the scene to buy and buy the same price even cheaper than the group price, it will be a bit uncomfortable. Often consumption as well as the date and number of group purchase restrictions often let people also have a lot of bad. Overall, the group purchase is idle away in seeking pleasure so that children’s shoes were given preferential, although not perfect, but at least he looks very beautiful! Just recently, group purchase website flood level is uneven, hope to reshuffle dedicated service to consumers.

two, online shopping integral, the legend of the

integral formulaIt is said that the site is

three, discount amount,

online shopping trend to save worry

this should be 2012 a new online shopping discount model, the first from a man named "I" M II "discount website. The amount of special products in the site to buy goods can be purchased by the amount of the corresponding amount of discount amount.

The use of

discount is more awesome! For example, I bought 500 yuan of goods 2 times 20 percent off (II discount amount is 1000 yuan, 20 percent off preferential rights) can be used in the whole network of any electricity supplier website graded or one-time indefinitely, he said I went to the mall after a Jingdong 1000 yuan MP4, as long as the MP4 product links stick to the I ‘m II. Choose cash on delivery and the success of the transaction, will be in my I’ m II of the registered account cumulative 200 yuan in cash (can put away Da ~); of course, the selection of the Jingdong after successful trading mall online upload screenshots to I ‘M II also OK Oh ~ compared to other online shopping, this approach is currently the most worry the most money, because the discount amount within enjoy 20 percent off or in reality. So, this kind of worry and money discount amount of online shopping is worth recommending, and gradually popular trend.

2012, we see the online shopping will decide on what path to follow, the progress of the times, the fierce competition in the market is bound to cause.