a famous brand of food and drink again, but if you can not from time to time to launch a number of explosive products, I am afraid it is difficult to attract customers, it is difficult to keep the shop business has been booming. So, if you want to eat hot business, creating explosive products is very necessary. So, how to create a small meal explosion products?

1, to create explosive products, a quarter of the best results of the introduction of 1-2

explosion is essential for a chain of micro enterprises, catering enterprises to create a burst of the purpose is to continue to attract consumers through the explosion of the shop to the frequency, increase the freshness of consumers. Royal chicken is updated every year more than four times of the menu, each batch of 1 to 2 of the explosion models products. Now the catering enterprises in time to build the explosion of easy to make a mistake is a 7, 8 explosion models, was now the customer has deciophobia, you give him so much that he how to choose, but also so much he can not remember! So the explosion is not the more the better, generally a quarter of 1 – 2 is the best.

2, refining the selling point, the explosion of products to create a star

this is a mouth sweet, sweet death, so the product is the same. Take the exploding chicken propaganda, you can try two kinds of expression of feeling, one kind is: "exploding chicken, cheese chicken"; one is "exploding chicken, from XX to a good cheese and a combination of chicken, eat will flow Oh, the chicken cheese juice" (the premise is the product really conform to the description) is clearly the latter will be more vivid and easy way out of some. Be sure to learn to refine the selling points (what form, where the origin, rather than what I added only what the expression).

In addition to

in the propaganda language and products do, in their employees to work for employees of the exploding chicken as a star, we take the listed Ali Mountain fire chicken, all employees are listed at the store wearing white clothing, because will give the customer feel cool does not get angry with the product tonality is also consistent in the clerk during the main push for sales at the end of the explosion, the product adopts the elimination principle.

How to carry out the beta

3, before the listing of products?

in the explosion of the product has a very important, we called beta. Royal chicken products test after five rounds through the test to be listed, each with a burst of products are R & D personnel experienced the test of more than 100+.

of course, here is mainly through a small series of brand analysis, but such a strategy can actually be a small meal for any. So, if you want to make a better management of small restaurants, but also has a burst of products, the contents of the above described as small as possible