a variety of entrepreneurial choice in rural areas, in fact, the actual situation of the collection of rural areas, the choice of sales harvester accessories is the most sensible way to start. Harvester accessories business is booming, but a lot of fake and shoddy products flooded the market, know how to choose is very important.

(2) of type. When you buy the harvester spare parts, it is necessary to accurately remember the original parts of the models, specifications and drawings, etc.. If possible, it is best to take the replacement of the old pieces used for comparison, so as not to choose the wrong. If the same type of spare parts manufacturers have several manufacturers, try to choose the same as the original manufacturers of products to match.

(4) size. Use steel tape, such as vernier caliper gauges, whether the installation, check the parts fit and shape and size to meet the requirements.

Then according to the

pressed into the judgment: if can be pressed into the installation position, the shaft diameter size is too small, and too loose; if not set into the shaft neck, when the hand from the bearing, the bearing will fall down from the measured shaft neck and the shaft diameter is too large, too tight fit. The ideal fit is that the inner ring of the bearing can be pressed into the length of the neck of the shaft, and the shaft is raised so that the bearing is down, and the upper end of the shaft is struck by hand.

each field of farmers to buy harvester accessories, so choose harvester accessories must be very careful, refer to the above guidelines, choose to believe Wumart recommended