today, a lot of people love in the leisure time to savor the sweet taste of tea, feel, in many tea brands, tea, tea is very popular, as a well-known brand of tea tea tea, bursting with popularity, is the majority of entrepreneurs trust.

tea stores that buy a drink takeaway, it to the "professional, fast, delicious and healthy" business philosophy in the restaurant chain industry to establish a model of brand image.

Project Description:


tea, tea boutique, had let you export a fragrance, long aftertaste, aftertaste is not only the slightest sweet heart, is the indelible sweet tea! Dr. join, you open the door for you to become rich, prop up the wealth of new world.

with the consumers pay more attention to health and the pursuit of quality of life, Dr. tea being touted in the domestic more and more tea. Dr., based on the mass market, the high threshold to get rid of consumption, with the same quality, lower price, make extensive consumers can enjoy the convenience of anytime and anywhere, and delicious tea mellow.

brands rely on advanced research and development team, and constantly develop new products to lead the drinks, often such as snow and ice, small fruit, grapefruit tea, sugar tea etc.. The tea shop products flexible operation, can meet the public needs of both seasons jewelry, winter hot drinks, and cold drinks in the summer, will be able to find your satisfaction a drink in its tea store.

milk tea professional operation team:

"the company has a professional operation team with rich management experience of tea, brand stores. Pro Shop consultant will be on a regular basis weekly shop guidance, communication and interaction with the clerk, to grasp the situation in the store. Weekly fixed operation meeting, immediate response, immediate response. Professional logistics and distribution, to maintain product quality, to ensure that the store raw materials sufficient.

milk tea doctor data integrity and transparency:

were the brand stores use professional production equipment, each drink are clearly marked, do drink can greatly reduce the probability of making mistakes, the more important is through the standard operation, to ensure that each cup of products to customers at ease to use. Using POS system, allows the company to understand the daily operating conditions, the data were analyzed by data analysis, single product promotion, sales data analysis of seasonal products, the consumption data, a direction for future business.

milk tea comfortable consumption space:

The Kiwi’s brand

were maintained unique products >