entrepreneurship can better promote employment, to solve more people’s work and livelihood issues, but also to promote better economic development, therefore, innovation and entrepreneurship work to do better.

2016 is "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, the city will actively take the initiative to do this job as a livelihood of this work.

the city plans 12 thousand and 500 new urban jobs, herdsmen transfer employment 145 thousand people, the registered urban unemployment rate at 4%; urban and rural occupation skills training 20 thousand people, 4700 people entrepreneurship entrepreneurship training; issuing loans to 150 million yuan; unemployment insurance approved 100 thousand people, the collection of unemployment insurance fund 65 million yuan.

implementation of a more active employment policy

The development of

vigorously support the family service industry, the focus of efforts to increase the cultivation of the nanny, Yuesao home service brand, increase domestic service personnel training efforts to implement the occupation training subsidy policy; to create activities to deepen the "thousand hundred and the autonomous region" ten hundred strong ", supporting the city’s large family the service industry enterprises bigger and stronger. Continue to promote business loans, guarantee loan guarantee business in 2016 successfully recommended