Macao has been very prosperous gaming industry, many people go to Macao are also rushing to the gaming industry. Recently according to relevant sources, Macao gaming revenue began to decline, many of the guests on the road of stock speculation, after all, these two industries from the current point of view is very popular.


"is to go to Macao amusement park (Bo Cai)? Besides, what else can you play?" Mr. Zhang has just come back from Macao, told reporters that it is not like the gambling game, just friends and take a vacation in Macao, will play in the past, but in addition to the casino and the almond cake, Mr. Zhang almost do not remember what the Macao Turisthotellet.

"but all this seems not so important, in Macao, you must know He Hongshen and Lv Zhihe, the former is the king of Macao with a great reputation, the wealth was beyond Li Jiacheng, become the richest man in asia. These large families dominate the structure of tourism in Macao. He Hongshen’s family business not count, well known, while Lv Zhihe holds Third Asian casino revenues of about 65% of the shares of the Milky Way entertainment group, the chiefs decided the direction of tourism industry in Macao. And compared with Hongkong, Macao is slightly inferior in all respects, but the gaming industry is far more than Hongkong, many Hongkong people often go to Macao to play a few sea." A source close to.

once worked in Macao for a period of Linda (a pseudonym) told reporters, hotel and tourism facilities investment of hundreds of millions or even hundreds of billion yuan, the cycle is very slow, at least 10 years, but the gaming industry back to this period is very short, once in the industry said that with an entertainment the El Luxor Hotel may be 3 months can return to this, because the gaming industry "yibenwanli". While the mainland to Macao guests very much, is a homely food overnight hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to win. These guests greatly stimulate the hotel industry, tourism, aviation industry revenue in Macao.

"since this money is recommended