With the continuous development of science and technology,

technology is becoming more and more mature, and can be applied in various fields. Currently, the introduction of Kunshan Foxconn factory robots, the number of employees reduced from 110 thousand to 50 thousand. Let’s look at the specific situation.

electronics manufacturing center in Jiangsu Kunshan since 2014 had led to 146 people were killed in the explosion, has been seeking change, greatly reducing manpower, reduce labor costs.

Kunshan is the first county in the country to achieve a per capita income of $4000, according to the

, and it has been identified by Forbes as the best performing economy for seven consecutive years.

however, on safety standards are not in place and no industrial expansion plan criticism also makes Kunshan lianshangwuguang.

more than a year ago, a large part of the investment is from Taiwan county began to re-examine their growth strategy. They speed up the process of replacing human beings with robots and encourage entrepreneurship.

Kunshan government said that over the past year, 35 Taiwan companies – including apple (96.43, 1.21, 1.27%) supplier Foxconn – a total investment of $4 billion into the field of artificial intelligence.

After the introduction of the robot

, Foxconn factory employees will be reduced from 110 thousand to 50 thousand. They have tasted the sweetness of labour costs." Kunshan municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Minister Xu Yulian said, more companies are expected to follow up."

government survey found that as many as 600 companies in Kunshan have similar plans.

factories to reduce manpower is not a good thing for Kunshan, there are more than 2 million 500 thousand people, and 2/3 are foreign workers.

factories and other buildings account for about 46% of the local land, far exceeding the ceiling set by the central government.

local government has promised to maintain zero growth in land development by 2020, and reduce its population.

Kunshan in recent years, in fact, the growth rate is not ideal.

2014 and 2015, the central leadership of the restructuring of the economy, hoping to become more green, more scientific background, the local growth rate is less than 3%.

Xu Xujiong, chairman of Kunshan Heng welding talked about the transformation of the local business challenges.

"last year, we recommend the decline in profit margin