said that although the network is very developed, all kinds of information, but many people probably have such a feeling, to linger in after all kinds of electronic products, feel very empty, only after the real reading, this sense of emptiness will be filled, so now allows you to open a "read it" certainly, there is a market.

investment reference:

the size of 20 square metres of housing lease, annual rent of about 4000 yuan, the purchase of 400 kinds of journals, each kind of 1-3 the can, need 2000 yuan, the purchase of bookshelf, bookcase, the production of plaque, need 1000 yuan, housing simple installation of 1000 yuan each, a total investment of 8000 yuan.

does not need to invest too much cost, but these magazines and newspapers, you have the economic ability to timely update can, if not, will still provide some masterpiece, welcomed by the people, you almost do not need professional care, business will be rapid development.