good business environment can bring good entrepreneurial mood, so that entrepreneurs are more passion, in this location the horse is very experienced, let’s take a look at the old business story!

the horse is not old, 29 this year, as young people. He started a business last year, with a partner opened a small technology company, and now the business has opened up, the more the list of more and more employees are also increasing, the need for a larger office platform. The company is young people, we all prefer a more open, more flexible office environment, lifestyle is also relatively free.

5620 yuan / square meters! True xianfang! Signed a contract that settled

one-stop, self efficient business system

Location is located in

high standard office facilities, enhance the corporate image!

Maradona bought three sets, together, repaired, a very modern style of small companies will be presented. Moved in to see the front office, a lot of people in front of a bright, immediately fell in love with here! Most importantly, the range rover mansion supporting 900 square meters hardcover home lobby, five star hotel double standard! 5 ladder 8, MITSUBISHI elevator business count every minute and second!   VIP; ad hoc lobby reception room, guests do not neglect! High Yan Zhichao 100 luxury fitted conference room, salute the range rover owners! Printer, copy the recommended