why many entrepreneurs have tried to rush the catering industry, catering market competitiveness so why there are still a lot of people crowded broken head red inside? Not just because of the Chinese food and beverage industry in a durable industry, the threshold is low. Investors often easier to succeed, the sun sister Mala in food and beverage industry is a popular franchise brand. Sun sister spicy food and beverage industry as the popular brand, founded in 2002, the business of food by consumers of all ages, whether you want to get the taste of enjoyment or entrepreneurial achievements, sun sister Malatang will be a good choice. Looking across the country to join the shop, many investors are ready to, want to join. But the preparatory work to join or to do a good job. Quickly to understand the details of the join it!

sun sister Mala joined details:

sun sister Malatang join conditions:

1, more than 18 years of age, with enough entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and get strong support from his family.

2, with brand awareness, a long-term vision of development, modern management awareness.

3, join the specific investment plans the economic strength should not be lower than the "Sun sister Malatang" store investment.

4, franchisees must have their own independent facade, providing proof of title or proof of lease.

5, be able to accept the training and management of the headquarters, regular promotion and communication.

6, franchisees have a certain operating experience, while the local market to be aware of, have a good business reputation and extensive interpersonal relationships.

7, join the business to have entrepreneurial enthusiasm, to be able to devote themselves to join the cause of the.

sun sister Malatang procedure:

1, cooperative consulting

investors to telephone, fax, online messages and other ways to consult the headquarters of cooperation matters, access to relevant information.

2, field trips

preliminary understanding of the project, and then make an appointment to the company headquarters field trips.

3, shop for

fill in the application form to confirm the intention to shop.

4, signed >